Plutarch Watch 2012: Things That Make Me Go Hmmm...

So many fans are concerned about finding the perfect Finnick Odair for the "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" movies. And I agree that the casting of a good Finnick is essential. But I'm really not as familiar with younger actors as they are, so I'll leave that speculation to them.

But...if we are going to have a "Watch" for the casting of roles from the next two books, we really need a "Plutarch Watch" since he IS the man with the watch. (Bad pun, I know. I couldn't resist.)

So what about Plutarch Heavensbee? His role is pretty essential for the rebellion, right? He has to be someone who Katniss loathes, yet is very likable to others. The actor has to have charisma and a convincing craziness about him. Who else could play this part but Alec Baldwin? He's so likable, but can drive you crazy (in a good way, too), and would be the perfect person to rub Katniss the wrong way (besides Woody as Haymitch, of course...but she'll need another one to take his place in Mockingjay).

And doesn't Alec Baldwin just seem like he's a guy who has a huge secret? I can picture him showing off his cool pocket watch to Katniss as they dance in Catching Fire, can't you? And imagine him telling Katniss about his singing reality show idea in Mockingjay. Yes. I do believe Alec is Plutarch. What do you think? 

If you'd like to participate in "Plutarch Watch 2012," feel free to copy the image below & use it in a blog post. You can link it back to this post, as well.  Use this as a writing prompt for your students. Who do they see playing Plutarch Heavensbee or any of the new characters in the next two books?

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