A Map of the Hunger Games Arena? Oh My!

Photo courtesy of www.HungerGamesMovie.org
As The Hunger Games Movie released a third trailer yesterday in HD, I couldn't help but notice this shot HungerGamesMovie.org posted on their website. I do believe that looks like a map of the arena, doesn't it?

I love this version. It's very high-tech, with each station having its own view, as well as the large view in the circle. I also need to ask those of you who have purchased my unit...how far off do you think I was in my depiction? If that brighter white spot represents the cornucopia, I'd like to say mine was pretty close. The placement of the lake and stream seem to match mine pretty well. Of course, mine is no where near this sleek and cool. But it does give me hope that they truly studied the novel to make sure the details matched. A+ for details, Lionsgate!

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but those do not look like the same Gamemakers who were watching over the tributes during their training, do they? So, are these different Gamemakers? Are they mentors? Are they...behind-the-scenes technicians? Or is this just how they look when the robes & wigs come off? What do you think?
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