Hunger Games Interactive Bulletin Board and Activity

Hunger Games Bulletin Board


I'm so excited to share my latest Hunger Games resource: a fun interactive bulletin board you can use before, during, or after reading!

Based on my popular poetry bulletin board series of products, this set includes:
• 42 quote cards that can be displayed as a bulletin board (or on a wall, door, or any flat surface) or passed around
• 127-slide presentation that shows each quote and the answer
• 42-question student handout (with answer key) that can be used alone or with the presentation

Grab it here: Hunger Games or Song? Bulletin Board, Presentation, & Handouts

To utilize the product to the fullest, I would plan a class period for showing the presentation to your class. Print off the student handout in advance and have students fill it out FIRST, guessing each answer. Give them about 10 minutes or so for this activity.

After students have filled out their guesses on the handout, begin the presentation. Have them check their answers as they go. (THIS IS FOR FUN, so if you have to give a grade, give participation points. This activity should not be graded!)

You can give a piece of candy or another incentive for the best score, but please don't take their scores for a grade. 

The next day and for the rest of the unit, have the bulletin board on display. When you reach certain quotes in the book you can discuss them and talk about why they may seem like song lyrics.

I did NOT use any quotes from the song in the book so it would not be confusing. But it offers a great opportunity for noting how some passages may seem more lyrical than others. And also why some song lyrics seem to fit perfectly with the book. For example, one of the quotes says "I want you to hold out the palm of your hand." When students get to chapter 25 they will realize why this lyric goes perfectly with the book.

I hope you and your students have fun with this activity! If you have additional books you'd love to suggest for a similar one, contact me via Instagram

If you have already purchased my Mega Bundle, you get this activity FREE!

You can see the bulletin board in action below.

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