New Trailer, Photos, Merchandise...I'm In Hunger Games Heaven

Katniss Everdeen NECA action figure from Amazon.com
Katniss Everdeen Action Figure

  This past week was a flurry of "The Hunger Games" movie news, photos, merchandise, and of course, the new trailer.

  I can't even keep up with all the latest news, but you can catch up with all of it on my favorite fan site, Hunger Games Down With the Capitol.

  Lionsgate and the official "The Hunger Games" Facebook page also announced the #HungerGames50 contest - with 50 different websites hosting contests to win tickets to the movie premiere.

  Another interesting development is the new website in the TheCapitol.PN network: TheCapitolTour.PN So far, I haven't really gotten anywhere with the website. I am in Group 3, #7907. I have no idea what that means. I have a MacBook, so the download link to Internet Explorer 9 did not work, since it took me to a PC/Windows page. Has anyone been able to do anything with this site yet? I do love the panoramic view of the Capitol. It really is going to be an amazing movie. Looking at the setting, I almost feel like Katniss and Peeta, arriving in a shiny new city they've only seen on TV. I did think it would be more colorful, but otherwise, it is just as futuristic as I imagined.

  Other images that sparked excitement were those of all the new merchandise released for purchase or pre-order. You can find them on Amazon.com or through Hollywood Video. Some of my favorites included the following (images are from both sites):
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Bookends.

The Orange Backpack!

Hunger Games Hard Wallet Case.

Mockingjay Hoop Earrings.
The Silver Parachute Necklace
  There are so many more I could show you, but you'll have to browse them all for yourself. The boys in my classes had their eye on the replica bow and the girls especially loved the jewelery (as did I). I also love the bookmarks and school supplies. Will you be buying any of the merchandise?


  And, as I promised in my earlier post, for every dollar I spend on merchandise, I will donate to projects on DonorsChoose.org for The Hunger Games classroom book set projects, continuing Shylah Addante's Literacy Revolution. So yesterday three classrooms came a little closer to their goal. (And by using the code "ZONKER" at checkout, the "Doonesbury" comic strip people matched my donations!)
  I have a feeling I will be suckered into buying more, so if you are a teacher in need of The Hunger Games class novels, PLEASE leave a link in the comments below. I will start with the first links and work my way down.  They must be projects listed on DonorsChoose.org and they must be for teaching The Hunger Games.
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