Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review & Predictions for Part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

Here's my non-spoiler immediate review after seeing "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1":
Mockingjay Part 1 No-Spoiler Movie Review
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"Incredibly intense, less disappointing, amazing acting (Hoffman+Moore=Wowzers), sadness squared, and Oh. My. Peeta. Stay through the credits. They take forever, but you'll get a tiny reward for sticking around." - Hunger Games Trilogy Teaching Resources (a.k.a. HungerGamesLessons.com via Facebook)

Considering the material the movie makers had to work with (the first half of Suzanne Collins' novel Mockingjay), it was much better than I anticipated. I expected a movie with little action, lots of depressing scenes and crying, a messed-up and drugged-out Katniss Everdeen, a war-mongering Gale, and an evil President Coin. That's not really what we got. 

Warning: The rest of this post contains SPOILERS...
Favorite Scenes
Top 8 Scenes from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Here were my favorite scenes from the movie, in no particular order:
1. The uprisings in Districts 7 and 5: All I kept thinking about during those scenes was the sacrifice those people were making for their cause. Those on the "front lines" who willingly acted as human shields for the others who held the precious explosives. Very powerful, very moving. I also appreciated seeing things outside of Katniss' narrow lens in the novels.
District 5 Uprising from Mockingjay Part 1
Image courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment®
2. The Hanging Tree song: The song in the novel is so creepy and haunting. I never could figure out the melody of the tune. The way Jennifer Lawrence sings it is perfectly haunting, creepy in a cool way. It becomes the song of the revolution, inspiring the District 5 citizens to bomb the dam, allowing the rebels to take advantage of the loss of power in the Capitol.
Listen to Jennifer Lawrence sing "The Hanging Tree" song HERE.

3. Katniss' visit to the District 8 hospital: This scene was moving. Yes, I got teary-eyed when the D8 citizens gave Katniss the silent salute.
Katniss visits District 8 hospital in Mockingjay Part 1
Image courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment®
4. Rescuing Peeta, Annie, and Johanna in the Capitol: It was satisfying to see how this actually played out and I really liked the change to Katniss and Finnick's propos. I wondered how they would treat Finnick's confessional with a PG-13 rating. Those who read the book knew what he was saying and those who hadn't may not even realized all that he said since they had the dual screens running. 
Mockingjay Part 1: The rescue mission
Image courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment®

5. Peeta's attack on Katniss: We knew it was coming, but it was still shocking and heart-breaking to see Peeta in this role. 
Mockingjay Part 1: Favorite Scenes
Image courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment®

6. "My sister keeps her cat": OK, so it's not a scene but a quote. Still loved that moment when she requests that Coin allow Prim to keep Buttercup.
Reaction to Katniss' demands by Plutarch and President Coin - Mockingjay Part 1
Image courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment®

7. Finnick and Katniss talking in the bunker: Though he doesn't give Katniss some rope, I still enjoyed the moment Finnick tells Katniss he knew she loved Peeta after her reaction when Peeta's heart stopped in the arena. I wrote about that moment being foreshadowed here, and am glad they included it.
Finnick and Katniss in the bunker of District 13 - Mockingjay Part 1
Image courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment®
8. "Always": Another quote, but an additional scene with the old Peeta. It may be a little cheesy but, again, it is foreshadowing how Peeta will be able to reconnect his old memories after being hijacked. 

Top Disappointments
Top 5 Disappointments in Mockingjay Part 1

Major spoilers to the book!

A few of my biggest disappointments with the movie, along with questions and ponderings for Mockingjay Part 2:

1. "Evil" President Coin: What happened to the cold-hearted leader from the book? I found myself actually empathizing with President Coin. Why? We need to see her cruelty. I understand having the prep team in the movie may have been much, but at least give the viewer something that indicates this woman is two-faced. Coin was much too nice in the movie. 

2. “Well, don't expect us to be too impressed. We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear.”: I have to admit, not hearing Boggs say this line and not seeing Finnick run out to the hovercraft, begging to go to District 8 was disappointing. 

3. The ending: Ugh. Why end there? At least give us some sense of hope for Peeta. Yes, we've read the books, so we know there is hope. But now I worry there's just TOO many scenes from the rest of Mockingjay that will be cut because there's no way they can all fit into one 2 ½ hour movie. Obviously I was way off in my prediction here.

4. Katniss talking about the bread: Though I think the way the rescue of Peeta was portrayed was good, I still wish we could hear Katniss talk about the bread–the moment Peeta saved their lives when she was 11. This probably means that part in chapter 16 when Peeta tells Katniss he remembers "about the bread" will be cut from the movie, huh?

5. "I kill Snow": Why was this major plot point left out when Katniss made her demands? Her entire mission is to get to the Capitol to kill the President. It's the only reason she willingly joins the Star Squad and the only reason she hangs on to life in the novel. Why did they decide not to include it? Well, I have no idea if this is why or not, but every time I read the novel with my classes we always ponder why she would want to kill Snow when she knows that person will never leave her. She has terrible nightmares of killing Marvel and sees his face as her arrow strikes. The aftermath of killing haunts a person forever. So why on earth would she ever want Snow to stay with her?
  Because this plot point was not included, how do you think the "plot twist" will happen when she is supposed to assassinate Snow?

Predictions: What will be cut from Mockingjay Part 2?
("Things That Make Me Go Hmmm...")
Predictions for Mockingjay Part 2 Movie

Because there are so many scenes left in the book, it is realistic to assume quite a bit will be cut. We already know that going to District 2 will be included, so that is not on he list. I've marked those I think will have to be in the movie and those that will probably be cut.

1. Gale and Beetee's death traps: The movie left off at the beginning of chapter 13. Part of the scene, however, isn't in the book (Coin addressing the D13 citizens); the other part of the scene (Katniss watching Peeta through the one-way glass), is in a modified way. But before she watches him, a VERY important part in the book foreshadowed the ending: Gale and Beetee's bomb plans. This is the moment Gale reveals to Katniss the plan to drop small bombs, wait for the medics to go in, then drop larger bombs that kill everyone. I'm pretty sure they'll find a way to get this scene in, right?? How can they not? *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

2. Delly helping Peeta remember scenes: Because Delly Cartwright isn't credited in the movie, it's safe to say those scenes where she tries to help Peeta and defend Katniss will be cut. *PROBABLY WON'T MAKE THE CUT*

3. Finnick & Annie's Wedding: Will it be important enough to be included? Hopefully. Will Peeta do the icing on the cake? Another hopeful moment. Is it a MUST to have in the movie? Yes. We want the audience to be emotionally attached to the two characters. Plus, considering it will be a PG-13 rating, it's a good idea to have them married then Annie be pregnant when Finnick departs for good... *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

4. Katniss and Johanna rooming and training together: The dialogue between these two unlikely friends is golden; it would be a travesty not to include these scenes. Besides, they show just how deeply the trauma of war affects the victims. But...is it essential to the story? Probably not. But it adds that depth I think should be included. And they owe us more Johanna! I really missed her in Part 1. *PROBABLY A MODIFIED VERSION*

5. Star Squad 451 going to the Capitol: Umm...yeah. This should be a given, right? Will ALL of the scenes from their mission through the Capitol be included? Highly unlikely. But it's safe to say that sending Peeta in after Leeg 2 dies, the mine and black slime that kills Boggs and Mitchell, Castor leading them through the sewer tunnels, the golden pod and meat grinder that takes Messalla, Jackson, and Leeg 1, and the half-human half-lizard mutts that kill Finnick, Homes, and Castor will make it into the movie. *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

6. Hiding at Tigris': Again, since they have cast her in Mockingjay Part 2, it's safe to say the remaining Star Squad members will hide out in her basement. I do look forward to Gale and Peeta's discussion about Katniss when they think she is sleeping. *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

7. President Snow's wall of children protection: Since they are the rebel's target for the first round of parachutes, it's safe to say that this scene, as well as the medics arriving and second round of parachutes dropping will make the cut. *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

8. Katniss' physical and mental trauma from the bombing: I don't think everything from chapters 25 and 26 will make it in. A lot of time passes and for most of it, Katniss is mute. Though it will be necessary to show some of the aftermath, I think these scenes will be greatly reduced. *PROBABLY A MODIFIED VERSION*

9. Finding Snow in the rose garden: Katniss needs to hear from Snow that Coin dropped the bombs, killing her sister. *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

10. The decision on whether or not to continue the Games with Capitol children: I think this part will be way too confusing to the viewer if they include it and Katniss votes "yes." In the novel, we read her thoughts on how nothing has changed and nothing will change if the Games continue. We know it is a test to see if Coin is as cruel as Snow. But unless she has this conversation with Haymitch beforehand aloud, the movie-goer who has not read the book will be lost. *PROBABLY WON'T MAKE THE CUT*

11. Katniss killing Coin instead of Snow: Essential to the story. *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

12. Katniss being imprisoned in the Training Center for months while her trial takes place: This probably won't be as long and drawn out as it seems in the novel, but there will have to be some sort of resolution. *PROBABLY A MODIFIED VERSION*

13. Returning to District 12: Katniss becoming her mother: Will Francis Lawrence portray Katniss as the depressed recluse her mother was when we first started this story? Will Buttercup find his way back to Katniss so they can both grieve together? Will Peeta's gesture of primrose flowers help Katniss start living again? Will the memory book project be shown, including pictures of Annie and Finnick's baby? Will they show Peeta and Katniss as a couple and having kids? I really hope all of these scenes make it in there. *MUST BE IN MOCKINGJAY PART 2*

Which scenes will be ADDED? 
What will they show outside of Katniss's perspective?
Predicted Additional Scenes for Mockingjay Part 2

1. More Prim: They have to develop her character more, especially as a medic, in order to have the desired impact at the climax.

2. Coin's manipulation: My god, the woman is practically portrayed as a saint in Part 1. We need to see her ruthlessness.

3. Gale's violent tendencies and bomb-making: Gale's gotta turn more bad guy here, too. He wasn't jerky enough in Part 1. Otherwise they're going to have a ton of movie fan girls in an uproar when she ends up with Peeta.

4. Commander Paylor's influence: In the end, Paylor becomes president of Panem through an election. I want to see her more leading the people. In Part 1, she almost acted as a servant for Katniss rather than a Commander of the district. Show us how she wins the people of Panem over. (I am so glad they did not cast a white woman for this role. We need to see more diversity in leadership roles in the movies–and in real life.)

5. Resolve Caesar Flickerman's character status: What happened to Caesar in the end? Suzanne Collins doesn't resolve this for us in the novel, but certainly the movie audience will want to know what Stanley Tucci's character's fate is, right?

I'm sure I've left a lot out. Comment below with your own opinion and suggestions. Did you like the movie? Why or why not?


Ask your students to list their favorite scenes, biggest let-downs, predictions and additional scenes they anticipate in Mockingjay Part 2. Use my guide and handouts, which is on sale through opening weekend:
Mockingjay Movie Common Core Activities

Mockingjay Book vs. Movie Activity Pack

Mockingjay Novel vs. Movie Handouts and Research Projects


Where Will Mockingjay: Part 1 End?

Where will Mockingjay: Part 1 end? Click to find out...

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Probably the most debated question in my classroom right now regarding the movie "Mockingjay: Part 1" is where will it end?

Will it end on a cliff hanger moment? Or will we have a mini-resolution moment before we move on to Part 2?

This is a great discussion starter to have with your students, because you can discuss the plot and analyze which is better for the movie-makers: ending the movie with a cliff-hanger, or resolving the current scene first?

Let's look at the other big franchise movies that split the final book into two parts: Harry Potter and Twilight.

*Spoiler alert if you haven't read the books or seen these movies*

Twilight's "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" ended after Bella gave birth and turned into a vampire. We know she has "survived" (well, her character has survived as a vampire, though her human self is, indeed, dead). With this ending, the viewer is not left to wonder if she is still alive or if the baby survived. It's resolved for the moment, anyway.

Harry Potter's "The Deathly Hallows: Part 1" ended after Dobby has died and Lord Voldemort has found the elder wand. Though it did not end with a big cliff-hanger, there are still several unresolved issues: Harry and the gang still need to find the remaining horcruxes and Lord Voldemort is still at large, now with Dumbledore's powerful wand. It was definitely a depressing and anti-climatic ending.

Considering neither movie really ended at a huge cliff-hanger, it seems plausible that "Mockingjay: Part 1" won't, either.

Here are some example speculations for endings (the one I'm leaning toward is highlighted):

• Chapter 10 as the Capitol showers bombs on District 13.
   Reasons it won't end here:
    -Too soon in the book
    -Not much has been resolved at this point
    -We know via the trailers the movie goes further into the plot

• End of chapter 12 where Katniss and Peeta reunite and Peeta chokes Katniss.
  Reasons it won't end here:
    -The audience would be soooo mad
    -Still too soon in the book

• End of chapter 15 right after Katniss gets shot.
  Reasons it won't end here:
    -Again, audiences would be sooooo mad
    -Though it's over halfway, there are still so many events yet to happen
    -We need the main characters to be in one place–the same place–together for the ending

• End after Finnick and Annie's wedding in chapter 16.
  Reasons it could end here:
    -There's enough resolution, knowing Katniss is OK and Peeta is getting better
    -It leaves enough of the plot for a full-length second movie
    -The audience should be satisfied with the sweet (though bittersweet for those who have read the book) ending
    -There will be enough exposition with Katniss and Johanna training to go to the Capitol for the beginning of the Part 2 movie

• End as the Star Squad gets ready to leave for the Capitol in chapter 18.
  Reasons it won't end here:
    -Though there are many events left to cover, it seems too far in (2/3 to be exact) to end here
    -Ending just as they are about to leave for the Capitol would be torture on audiences
    -It wouldn't leave much room for an exposition in the Part 2 movie (you can't start the movie going right into battle; there has to be a build-up)

What do YOU think? Comment below or on my Google+ page.

Watch the trailers and see for yourself. Are there any clues in the trailers where it will end?

Classroom Connections: Posts for class discussions & activities for The Hunger Games Trilogy


Banned Books Week: If It's Forbidden, Kids Are Interested

Introduce your students to banned books

Celebrate the FREEDOM to READ this week!

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In honor of Banned Books Week, I'm showcasing some of the books that have been banned or challenged over the years in my classroom.
Banned Books from www.hungergameslessons.com

Banned Books from www.hungergameslessons.com (Photo Tracee Orman)

Students are always amazed to see the many titles that make the lists. How could their beloved childhood favorites possibly be offensive? We discuss the reasons they are challenged and have great debates that usually end with students grabbing up the books and wanting to check them out.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Banned Books Week

Truly, Banned Books Week is a great way to get kids interested in reading (anything that seems remotely "forbidden" or offensive to adults arouses interest in teens).

Banned Books Week 2014
It's not too late to showcase some titles in your classroom. Even if you don't have the books, show students the lists and reasons (you can find links HERE on the ALA.org website).

You can also find FREE resources in my store for Banned Books Week.


Shakespeare Made Easy (and Fun)

Shakespeare Made Easy: Julius Caesar in Memes

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Shakespeare can be difficult for students. I remember struggling to understand the text when I was a teenager. It wasn't until I had a teacher who translated the lines for us (often in a humorous way) that things finally clicked for me. Still, when I first had to teach The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, I was terrified.

Over the years it has become one of my favorite plays. There are so many quotes famous quotes engrained in our culture. Students are always amazed to learn that TuPac quoted lines from the play in his songs and, more recently, John Green uses a partial quote as the title (and major theme) of his best-seller The Fault in Our Stars.
English Teacher Problems: The Fault (dear Brutus, is not) In Our Stars (but in ourselves)

But finding these references and and creating ways to connect them students takes forever. Well, maybe not forever, but a very long time. Before the internet (or, before YouTube and more content was posted), I would tape episodes of "The Simpsons" or just buy the DVDs to get literature references to show as examples. Students love it when you can take something from their world and put it in context with the unit we're studying. When the two worlds collide, magic happens.

We all know, though, finding these references are time consuming. And time is rarely on our sides. We can't afford to spend hours searching for clips on YouTube or memes online, then compiling them to show students. That's why I usually find a few then unleash my students to find (or make) their own. It's fun for them and they actually learn something.

Shakespeare Made Easy: Using Memes to Connect the Text to Pop Culture

To make your job much easier, however, I have taken the time to put together some great memes from my Tragedy of Julius Caesar unit. ("Some" = over 80 memes.) I have found these to be quite helpful for both high-achievers and struggling readers. The high-achievers want to create their own snarky memes (let them! They usually make the best ones.) and the struggling readers make the connection between the text–which seems like a foreign language to them–and the meme, finally comprehending what is going on in the play.

Shakespeare in Memes: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

This past April when I assigned Julius Caesar video parody projects to my students, I decided to finally compile all of my images and make a video. Since I had just shown them example memes scattered throughout the play, the video helped them put it all together. Plus it has music. Kids love music.

"Oh, look at that. I've been impaled." Julius Caesar in Memes

The movie runs a little over 12 minutes, but chances are your students may want to watch it a second time to spot the "Strutting Leonardo DiCaprio" images I photoshopped into the scene (and/or setting) divider pages.
Where's Leo? Can you spot the images of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Julius Caesar memes?

Shakespeare Made Easy: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar in Memes with Leonardo DiCaprio

OK, so most of the "Strutting Leonardo" images aren't so hard to find, but it makes the scene dividers a little more interesting. :)
Leonardo DiCaprio appears in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (in Memes)

And just to make your job even easier, I included handouts so students can search the text (close reading) to find the lines that are referenced in the memes. There's also an activity to prompt them to create their own from the text. Yes, the activities are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

The incredibly large file also holds all 146 slides as .jpg images for easy printing AND a Powerpoint presentation of the movie in case you wish to show them at your own pace (Powerpoint does not include the music track).

So where can you get this incredible bundle? Click here:
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar in Memes {Shakespeare Made Easy}

And what does this have to do with The Hunger Games trilogy?

In case you haven't noticed, there are tons of references in The Hunger Games trilogy to Shakespearean plays. Mockingjay, in particular, references The Tragedy of Julius Caesar a few times. You can find those activities in my Mockingjay unit.

Mockingjay Teaching Unit {Hunger Games trilogy}

Finding Shakespeare in Mockingjay {Tragedy of Julius Caesar}

I love it when authors use allusions to works of Shakespeare! It makes out job of proving his relevance so much easier.

How do you incorporate pop culture into your lessons? Share in the comments below.


Join the Mockingjay Literacy Revolution By Supporting #Books4Tributes

Support Teachers and Classrooms with #Books4Tributes at DonorsChoose.org

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Whether you are a teacher looking for books for your classroom or a fan wanting to spread the love of The Hunger Games, you can support the Literacy Revolution started by my friend and fellow Hunger Games fandom tribute Shylah Addante. Read on to see how you can help the DonorsChoose.org campaign to get more Hunger Games trilogy books into classrooms, written by Shylah:

Three years ago, I started a blog to talk about this amazing book I read. You might have heard of it- it was called The Hunger Games. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, just me talking about my thoughts on things like video games and Finnick and Annie… until I wrote a post about the personal impact reading the series had on me, not only as a reader, but as a citizen of the world:

“It would be an understatement to say that I was a wreck. I like happy endings. I can deal with loss, and death, and sadness, as long as at the end good triumphs over evil. To me, no one won at the end of Mockingjay.

It felt so sad, so hopeless in those hours after I finished the book. I couldn’t let it end like that. I needed to give myself a happy ending.

The Hunger Games series is a book about many things, but for me the realistic depiction of how poverty and oppression go hand in hand was at the heart of the books. The districts were easily manipulated by the Capitol not only by a deprivation of resources, but also (and more importantly) by a deprivation of information. It is not until the Districts gain the ability to learn and communicate with one another that the Rebellion is born.

Education powers revolutions.”

I put my words into action and went to donorschoose.org. There I found a project from a teacher in New York City:

“My Students: My Latino and African-American students attend a high poverty school in New York City.

They are 13 going on 14, have a nose for injustice, and love to argue. I need The Hunger Games to give their voices a focus. After I discussed the book on the first day of school, they were hooked. They would love a chance to investigate a current social issue and try to solve it. As we will read this novel later in the year, they will also have a chance to apply their Social Studies lessons.

My Project: The Hunger Games is a dystopian novel full of social issues that the students will identify and define. For each issue, they will need to explain how external events shaped it, how it shapes a character’s choices and relationships with others, and how it inspires characters to act and change their social environments. At the end, they will choose a social issue we face (problem) and think of ways to change it (solution). The unit not only allows them to examine how literature reflects society, it helps them see the complexities of real social issues. By discussing the issues and thinking of creative solutions, they are laying the groundwork for a better future.

Unfortunately, my school does not have the money to purchase 35 books. Reading is fundamental to a good education. Please help me provide my students with the resources necessary to foster my students' minds!”

I donated and then spammed my family and friends through social media until the project was fully funded. The teacher was thrilled, the students had access to books they were genuinely excited about reading, and I had that warm fuzzy feeling that only comes with helping someone else out… and I wanted more.

Through the support and help from Savanna and Adam of the Fireside Chat and DownWithTheCapitol, we started a small movement to fund more teachers looking to use the series in their classrooms. This was back in the early days of the fandom- the Fireside Chat was about a month old and DWTC less than a year with only a handful of other sites out there; but our small band of rebels was still able to help two classrooms get the books they needed.

Fast forward to now: the Hunger Games is a global phenomenon: there are dozens (if not hundreds of fan sites); the Fireside Chat logged 130 episodes, and there are almost 20,000,000 fans on The Hunger Games’ official Facebook page. I’d say it’s time to try this literacy revolution over again.

Let’s get Books For Tributes.

My goal is to fund teachers across the country looking to put The Hunger Games in their classrooms and libraries using donorschoose.org.

As of today, I have 45 projects queued up on this donorschoose campaign page, and every. single. one. of them is looking to place our favorite book series into the hands of kids across the US.

So, let’s do it.

Let’s stand with the Mockingjay and start a Literacy Revolution. Our goal is simple. As Hunger Games fans who believe in equity and empowerment, we will work to fund as many as possible of the requests for Hunger Games books posted on donorschoose.org.

We’ll take it one class at a time—just as Katniss and the Rebels worked District by District to overthrow the Capitol. Give as much or as little as you like, as often as you wish. When we fully fund a project, I’ll let you know on the Books For Tributes twitter and Facebook pages.

When you donate please place the following somewhere in your personal message:
“I gave to this project because I'm with the Mockingjay, and support a literacy revolution in American classrooms. #books4tributes”

When you tweet about donating please use #books4tributes

Let’s set a goal to fund these 45 projects before "Mockingjay" hits theaters this fall, so that when we see Katniss on screen, fighting the Capitol, we can know that we’ve done our part to fuel our own revolution in Panem.

Fire is catching, and we are the spark. And if we put our hearts and minds behind this effort, the Capitol doesn’t stand a chance.

*three finger salute*


Thank you so much, Shylah, for recognizing the importance of literacy and supporting classrooms! Teachers: if you have a need for books, create a project on DonorsChoose.org. Fans: Spread the love for the series by supporting these teachers & students!

After I post this blog, I'm heading to DonorsChoose.org to support this literacy revolution. Please join me in this worthy cause!


Mockingjay Movie: Effie Trinket will take Fulvia Cardew's place

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According to the Filmmaker's Round Table on the #HungerGamesExclusive website, Effie Trinket (played by Elizabeth Banks) will take on the role of Fulvia Cardew—Plutarch's assistant—in the Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 movies.

Fulvia is a character much like Effie: she's from the Capitol, she's a little bossy, and she can have that same Capitol insensitivity toward District citizens. Her character filled that void of not having Effie in the first two parts of the novel, so it makes sense to change make that adjustment.

Fulvia is also the character who comes up with the "We Remember" propos. It makes me wonder if Effie will now have that idea or if another character will? Or perhaps they won't even include those propos? (I hope they do, though.)

If you haven't checked out the #HungerGamesExclusive website, you need to. I especially enjoyed the Filmmaker's Round Table article and the sneak peek of the script. I'm sure Lionsgate® will be adding more content soon, as well.

To keep up with the latest Mockingjay filming images and news, check out my friends over at Panem Propaganda. They have been on fire releasing the latest pictures to quench our thirst for Mockingjay.

You can read more about the casting on my earlier post: Mockingjay Movie Casting News


Teachers: You Are Appreciated!

Teacher Appreciation Week: We Salute You, Secondary Teachers!

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We salute you, Teachers! It's sale time on TeachersPayTeachers, so use promo code TPTXO at checkout to get 10% off your entire purchase. It starts tonight at midnight!

To show how much we appreciate all you do, many secondary teachers teamed up and are taking an additional 20% off our TeachersPayTeachers stores May 6th-7th so you can save on all those necessary supplies like teacher binders/planners, Common Core graphic organizers, interactive notebooks, poetry resources, novel units, bell ringers and exit slips, and so much more!

Here are secondary stores on TpT that bring you awesome teaching materials for grades 7-12.

English Language Arts:

Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, and More:


Making it as a Middle School Teacher

Special thanks to Danielle Knight for making the rockin' sale banner! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the extra savings!

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