Leap Day Sale for Teachers Wednesday

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a big sale on Wednesday for Leap Day using the Promo Code L2P9Y. This will be the only site-sponsored sale until Teacher Appreciation Day in May, so it'll be a great time to stock up on all those spring lessons you've been wanting!

I will have all my digital products on sale the entire day, as well. Here's some of my most popular lessons that you can purchase at discount (click on the image to take you to the product description):
The Hunger Games Trilogy Teaching Units
The Hunger Games Teaching Unit
 Catching Fire Teaching Unit
Catching Fire Teaching Unit
 Mockingjay Teaching Unit
Mockingjay Teaching Unit
The Hunger Games Visual Guides & Introduction Powerpoint Presentation
This bundle includes a packet of handouts for students, visual aides featuring images from the movie, student artwork, and discussion starters for various key points in the novel. Over 90 slides! Teacher's guide included.
The Hunger Games: Introduction and Visual Guides to the Novel
The presentation has several slides like this, which allow for discussions or writing activities.

Included in the bundle is a comprehensive teacher's guide to the slides and discussion questions, with suggested or sample answers. The student copy features a worksheet for them to fill-in-the-blanks during the presentation (helps those easily distracted students stay focused) and thoght-provoking questions.
The Hunger Games Arena Map Board Game Activity
Students can play this fun little game after they finish the novel (spoilers, so they shouldn't play before they finish!). All facts are from the novel. To help them review, have them create their OWN board game. That will enable them to review events, characters, the setting, and all the key elements you want them to remember. When they create their own, true learning is taking place.
The download does not contain the watermark, of course.
The Hunger Games Theme, Setting, and Symbolism
Includes graphic organizers, thought-provoking questions, and extended activities related to the theme, setting, and symbols found in The Hunger Games. Teacher's guide is included. 
This IS included in my Hunger Games Teaching Unit.
The Hunger Games Classroom or Library Posters

Need materials for when you aren't teaching The Hunger Games?
Try these...

Graphic Organizers Based on the Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts Reading
These graphic organizers are directly linked to the Common Core and can be used with both fiction and non-fiction materials. Each standard is posted at the top of the page so you know exactly which one you are covering.
Grades 6, 7, and 8
Grades 9-10
Character Tags, Volume 1
Also comes in vol. 2 and vol. 3, the free Simpsons Tags, and Glee edition

Caption It! Fun & Creative Caption-Writing Exercises
Use images to spark expository writing practice OR creative writing activities.

Creative Activities for ANY Novel, Story, or Poem
Includes over 75 alternative activities to book reports. Handouts and helpful links included.

Facebook Character Sketch
A fun activity you can use with any novel, story, poem, historical figure, or famous person. 
Includes Microsoft Word templates for students AND the new Timeline feature on Facebook.
Poetry Resources
A bundle of resources to help with your poetry unit.

Literature Resources
A bundle of resources to help with any literature unit(s).

Don't forget to use the promo code on Wednesday: L2P9Y
Check out additional materials (Shakespeare, To Kill a Mockingbird, Journalism, ELA, and Clip Art) here:

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