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Catching Fire Thought-Provoking and Critical-Thinking Questions www.hungergameslessons.com
A couple of years ago I posted my "What if..." questions for The Hunger Games. I thought it would only be fair to do the same for Catching Fire and Mockingjay (coming soon).

"What if" questions are thought-provoking prompts that can be used as discussion starters, exit slips, journal questions, or even as assessments to make sure your students are reading the material.

Pin ItThey can be silly, to kind of break the ice in a discussion. For example, one of the Hunger Games questions is "What if the symbol of the rebellion was an Angry Bird® instead of a mockingjay?" Very silly question, but it can lead into deeper discussions about why the mockingjay is an important symbol.

The icebreaker question for Catching Fire is "What if President Snow really was a snake?" That question stems from the simile on page 18 in the novel when Katniss compares finding President Snow in her kitchen to “taking the lid off a pot and finding a fanged viper instead of stew.” This prompt can actually lead into a discussion about the character traits of President Snow and what makes him like a "fanged viper"? And if he is like a viper, what does that make Katniss? His prey? Or is she bait for bigger and better prey? Or has she just entered into territory she should have stayed out of and needs to be taught a lesson? I think it's important for students to know that even questions they might think are "dumb" can actually raise additional thought-provoking questions.

After giving some examples, have your students try to come up with their own.

You can download the questions to Part One {HERE} and purchase all the questions {HERE}. The packet for all three parts has 47 total questions in list and task card formats. For the cards, you can laminate them and store them in a baggie to have students draw (great for review!). Or punch a hole in the corner and attach a ring so they can be flipped through easily.

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Catching Fire "What If..." Questions www.hungergameslessons.com

The prompts are so versatile and stimulate both creative and critical thinking!
Catching Fire Creative and Critical Thinking Prompts www.hungergameslessons.com

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