Super Activity Incorporating the Super Bowl Commercials

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It's super bowl weekend and you know what that means! Super commercials! ;)
Sponsor a Tribute from College HumorI think the super bowl is the only time when someone will shush people when commercials come on. Unless it's a trailer for "The Hunger Games" movie, of course. How awesome would it be if we got a sneak peek at a "Catching Fire" trailer this weekend? OK, I know that is a long shot, but it would be nice.

One of my earliest lessons for The Hunger Games was my Advertising/Marketing Creative Project that could be used for any of the three novels in The Hunger Games trilogy (or ANY book, for that matter). You can incorporate sample super bowl commercials to give students ideas for creating their own advertising campaigns for the tributes.

This is the perfect activity to go along with a class reaping. (Read more about having a class reaping here and here.) Students can use the information to market their own tributes (classmates) rather than the characters from the novel.
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Here are some sample pages from the download: 
The Hunger Games Trilogy Propaganda TechniquesThe Hunger Games Trilogy Propaganda Advertising Creative Project

The Hunger Games Trilogy Creative Project Rubric - Free DownloadThe Hunger Games Trilogy Sponsors Tribute Gifts Activity

To get the entire PDF file, download it from my TeachersPayTeachers store here:

Show me your projects! 
If your students have created some fantastic projects related to the trilogy, feel free to email them to me and I will post them on my Teacher Examples page or share a link below. 
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