You Are As Radiant As the Sun, Valentine

Hunger Games Valentines - Free Download www.hungergameslessons.com
You are as radiant as the sun, Valentine.
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 As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, don't forget about my FREE Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay-themed Valentine's Day cards. Just print, cut, and distribute to all your friends and even that special someone. And don't forget to remember your mom! :)

Download them here:

Teachers: There are blank templates at the end of the document, so you can have your students make their own literature-inspired Valentines. Or you can download this free template:
These will work with ANY novel or story you are reading.
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Hunger Games Valentines - Odds in Your Favor - Free Download www.hungergameslessons.com
May the odds be ever in your favor, Valentine!

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You Love Me? Real or Not Real? Valentine www.hungergameslessons.com
You love me. Real or not real?

Have a great Valentine's Day, friends!
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