'The Katniss Chronicles' to Return for 'Part II'

The Katniss Chronicles to Return for Part II
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I have to share this fabulous press release with you all because I am SO excited for the Catching Fire adaptation by my talented friends at The Katniss Chronicles. If you have never listened to their episodes for The Hunger Games, you are missing out. Check out their links and spread the word! Their work is professionally done, tasteful, and perfect for sharing with your students. (Struggling readers find the chapters so much easier to visualize and advanced readers can analyze the adaptation, even creating their own versions.)


Los Angeles, CA – February 20, 2013 - This is the sound of rebellion!  After months of preparation, the first episode of the fan-made audio drama The Katniss Chronicles: Part II will premiere on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013. 

Based on the second book of author Suzanne Collins’ bestselling Hunger Games trilogy, The Katniss Chronicles: Part II will continue the story of Katniss Everdeen, a 17-year-old girl living in a post-apocalyptic America, who has just been crowned one of two victors in the annually televised battle to the death known as the Hunger Games. 

Premiering on June 25th, Part II promises even more nonstop action and excitement, as this installment of the trilogy will feature 22 episodes, with each new episode to be released on a weekly basis.

To celebrate the upcoming premiere of Part II, the creators of The Katniss Chronicles will be rereleasing an episode from Part I every Tuesday on the audio drama’s Facebook and Twitter (@KatnissChron) leading up to the premiere.  Starting on Tuesday, February 26th, listeners can relive the excitement of the Girl on Fire as she makes her way to the Hunger Games!

Important to note is that fans in search of the audio drama’s all-new Episodes, Production Journals, and Bonus Material will want to subscribe to the new iTunes Network, The Katniss Chronicles: Part II.  All content will continue to be available for free to listeners through the official website (www.thekatnisschronicles.com) and through iTunes.

Interested fans may visit The Katniss Chronicles’ website for up-to-date information on the production and the newly added cast members.  Additional information can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@KatnissChron). 

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