Listening to Sam Cushion's Latest Album Will Make Your Students Smarter

Have you ever heard of the claim that playing Mozart in class will make your students smarter? Well, I'm here to say that playing Sam Cushion's (a.k.a. District Tribute's) latest Hunger Games-themed album has the same affect.

OK, so I do not have any hard evidence of my claim, but I will say this: playing Sam's instrumental tracks in class while students are silent reading, during group work, or while students are working on homework or a project does enhance their classroom experience. His music is meant for the novels and is a truly enriching experience for all listeners.

So, if you were looking for the perfect gift for the Hunger Games enthusiast who already seems to have it all, this would be perfect. And if you are a student, maybe you could buy this for your teacher to play in class. ;)

Here's the latest on his newest album and where you can find it:

*Press Release*
Sam Cushion, a.k.a. District Tribute, releases "Music of Panem Part 3: The Rebellion," a Mockingjay unofficial score
Date 12/12/11

Musician and Hunger Games enthusiast Sam Cushion released the third album in his Music of Panem Collection today. The latest album is titled Music of Panem Part 3: The Rebellion and is part of an unofficial score series inspired by The Hunger Games. Part 3 is the follow-up to Music of Panem Part 2: Beginning of a Rebellion, which was released in May 2011.

The new album is a collection of eleven orchestral pieces composed by Sam over the past 7 months. Each song tells a small part of the Mockingjay story. "This is really my attempt at telling the story of Mockingjay the best way I know how, through music. I'm not trying to get any of my music in the movie, I just wanted to share my passion for the books and music with as many fans as I could," says Sam. With tracks like "The Ashes - Visiting District 12" and "The Hanging Tree," Music of Panem Part 3 is sure to be a hit with Hunger Games fans of all ages.

Music of Panem Parts 1-3 are all available on iTunes, Amazon.com, DistrictTribute.com, and other online retailers.

For more information you can go to www.HungerGamesMusic.com

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