100 Ways to Pass the Time Before The Hunger Games Movie Premiere

Thanks to Savanna from The Hunger Games Fireside Chat, here's 100 things to do before the premiere of The Hunger Games movie. Watch the video, print out the check list, and start twirling... (#54)
Then comment below with your favorite!

Classroom Connection:
Better yet, have your students come up with their own lists. What are 100 things that are related to the novel that they could do?
Have small groups come up with 10 things and collaborate to make a top 100 as a class.
For 1:1 classes: To make it interactive, create a Google Doc and share; let each student type their suggestion.

100 Things to Do Before 'The Hunger Games' Opens in March

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  1. LOVE it!!! I may have to try a few while I am counting the days. Babysitter's already booked, and the hubby and I are rereading (again) the books over the Christmas break. The movie is really a birthday present for me (it comes out on my birthday), but I'm going to be nice and share it with the world. ;)

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