Panem October, Hunger Games Fireside Chat, and Other Sites Satisfy Fans' Hunger For More

Wonder where Buttercup will carry his ID?

It wasn't that long ago that fans of The Hunger Games could log on daily and find out new and exciting things happening in the fandom world. There always seemed to be some new movie news, new books being published, pictures of the actors being released, and The Potter Games, of course. But lately it's been a little slow.

Enter Panem October. The site, which was at the center of a controversy with Lionsgate last spring, is now back online and making its own news. Described as "a fan-made ARG for the Hunger Games," Panem October's official launch of its interactive features will happen October 1st. In the meantime, they have been releasing character IDs (like Buttercup's, released today) to scan and "friend" each day. And tonight (10p.m.EST/9p.m.CST) on The Hunger Games Fireside Chat, Rowan the Gamemaker will appear and break his silence about Panem October.

It does give fans something to be excited about, since movie and other Hunger Games-related news has been slow. But Panem October and the weekly Fireside Chat aren't the only things going on in the fan world. Down With the Capitol always has interesting things going on, such as their "Question of the Week" and Read-Alongs for all three books. They also have a spot carved out on their site for crafts and accept fan pictures.

I posted about TheCapitol.pn earlier, but that site seems to be unchanging as of right now. Will is stay this way until the opening of the movie? Or will it offer an interactive feature like Panem October? Time will only tell. At least, for now, we only have to wait four days to experience Panem October.

By the way, I'm in district 5 on Panem October and District 7 on TheCapitol.pn. How about you? Which district are you in?

My Panem October Home screen (as of Sept. 26th). I've added Haymitch, Effie, President Snow, Foxface, and Buttercup as friends, as well.

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