Activity Picks Up at TheCapitol.pn as Panem October Sets to Launch

Panem October launches tonight!

As Panem October is set to launch tonight at 12:01 a.m. (EST), the other Hunger Games-themed website TheCapitol.pn has picked up its activity, as well. Coincidental? Hmmm. Whether it is or not, fans are excited to have something to do to pass the minutes until Panem October goes live.

District 12 citizens were able to access their district identification passes (DIPs) today. You can check out Shylah's at Down With the Capitol's website. All registered citizens need to keep tweeting and Facebooking to expedite their districts' DIPs.  So all you district 7 folks, let's get moving so we can get our DIPs!

And I'll see you District 5 peeps tonight at 12:01 at Panem October!

New images at TheCapitol.pn:

From TheCapitol.pn - District 12 gets their DIPs
From TheCapitol.pn - Keep tweeting & Facebooking, Citizens!

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