Hunger Games Unit Common Core Standards Alignment

Has your state adopted the Common Core Standards?

Over the summer I aligned my Hunger Games unit with the Common Core Standards for ELA for both grades 6-8 and 9-12 strands. Those who purchased earlier CDs or my digital unit will not have this document, so I wanted to post it for you. Anyone who has purchased (or is going to purchase) a CD since July will already have this it. Thanks for your patience!

Because there are so many standards (and lessons!), I grouped them together--any that fulfill that particular standard will be listed to the left of it. They can be viewed/downloaded below.

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year, especially if you have the opportunity to read this fabulous novel (or the entire series) in your classes. Check out the Hunger Games Back to School Sweeps (a collaboration between Scholastic, Lionsgate, and DonorsChoose.org) to help support your fellow teachers and the chance to win a library for the school of your choice. There are many teachers in high poverty areas that need your help getting The Hunger Games for their students. Lend a hand...you may win your own set of books in the process!  

May the odds be ever in your favor this school year!
Hunger Games Unit Common Core Standards
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