The Best Birthday Cake Ever!

So for my 40th birthday today my students surprised me with a Hunger Games inspired cake! They made it themselves and I think it is so cool--and so sweet! 

As a high school teacher, it's a treat to have a student wish you Happy Birthday. Heck, it's a treat to have a student acknowledge you, period! ha ha We don't get the pleasure of receiving positive feedback from our students like elementary teachers...many of our kids are so wrapped up in their teenage lives that their teachers are the last people on earth they would want to bake a cake for. Which, of course, made today even more special!

Here are more pics of this awesome cake. Thank you Breanna, Marissa, Stephanie, Delaney, and Nick! You made my day! :)

 Close-up of Katniss, the girl on fire. Love the orange flames coming from her head! LOL
Oh, and that nipple-looking thing is the cornucopia. It was a truffle...and so delicious!

The gel-frosting mockingjay!

My students (missing Delaney and added a second Stephanie) posing by the cake they made 
(actually, I think Bre did most of it! ha ha). My 1st period class was welcoming the 
distraction from learning, I'm sure. ;) If you look in the background, you can see my 
Hunger Games movie poster--which was given to me by another teacher 
& her daughter (who is a former student).

Notice the tootsie-roll arrow in the top right corner and the parachute (top). :)

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