Blog Award Thanks & Paying It Forward

I want to thank a couple of people/blogs for awarding Hunger Games Lessons with a Top 10 Teaching Blog award! Thanks so much to Amy from Science Stuff and Mrs. Magee from First Grade Brain! I am honored and get to proudly display this award:

Top 10 TBA 

So now is my chance to pay it forward to my favorite teaching blogs!
I am sure some of these have been nominated before, but they are the ones I frequent and think you might like, as well:

I love looking at all of Jen's classroom pictures and she has fabulous ideas that can be utilized for all ages.

Kim covers a wide range of content areas and teaches The Hunger Games, as well. Who can't love that!?

Science, Etc.

Kristen offers wonderful literature guides for practically every novel taught in high school! Plus, she's a great "cyber" friend!

Secondary Solutions

Not sure on the blog etiquette, but I'd like to nominate Amy right back for offering a wonderful website that even non-science people (like myself) enjoy reading & find fascinating. She's also a great "cyber" friend. :)

Margaret is such a wonderful person and I know I would have loved having her as a teacher. 

Denise may teach much younger students than me, but that doesn't stop me from getting awesome tips and ideas from her blog!

Visit Sunny Days

Charity is another "cyber" friend who offers fabulous tips and hosts awesome giveaways throughout the year!
The OC Blog Button

Laura's resources are so versatile and she is generous with them, as well! There's a reason she has quite a following!

Again, here's another "cyber" friend who is at the opposite spectrum when it comes to the age group we teach, but oh my gosh, I love looking at all the cute classroom pics and things going on in Deanna's class! 

Ruth's site is relatively new and could use some more followers! She has resources for grades 4-12 and is very creative! Check it out!

Carolyn's site is so fascinating...I could spend hours here every day reading about all the books. If you teach English/language arts, check out her book-a-day reviews and ideas!
The Wise Owl Factory Book a Day

So...again not sure on the blog etiquette here, but I think The Lesson Cloud is an awesome new collaboration of teachers posting tons of freebies for teachers of all ages and content areas.

Make sure to visit these great teacher blogs & follow them! And thanks again to those who nominated me and/or have featured Hunger Games Lessons on your site. I appreciate it!
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