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Note: This post contains SPOILERS.

I love that Suzanne Collins incorporates the "Meadow Song" (The Hunger Games, chapter 18, pages 234-235) in all three books of the trilogy. The song is rich in symbolism and truly represents one of the underlying themes of the series: finding peace in a world that is, basically, messed up. It's a sad song, yet also a song of hope. The listener may have troubles, but can wash them away by realizing tomorrow is a new day and they will be forgotten. The meadow also acts as a guardian for the listener.

Katniss used the Meadow as her path to the woods, which brought nourishment to her family in The Hunger Games. She also used the song as a way to bring peace to Rue in her final moments; it was one they sang as a lullaby to crying babies to soothe them. It was passed down from generations, a "mountain air" her teacher called it.

In Catching Fire, Katniss recalls the soothing and protective meadow from the song as a perfect place for Peeta and his future children to live. This, she thinks, as she plans sacrificing herself to protect him, just as the daisies guard the listener in the song.

In Mockingjay, the actual Meadow in the Seam takes on the role as a final resting place for all those uneasy souls destroyed by the Capitol. But the cycle of life is always continuing in a circular fashion, and in the Epilogue, we return to the Meadow to see Peeta's (and Katniss's) children playing there, safely.

Applying in Your Classroom
Have your students analyze the Meadow song as a poem. Questions you can ask include:
  -What is the tone of the piece?
  -What is the rhyme scheme/pattern?
  -Find examples of figurative language. (Personification, metaphor)
  -What is the message the writer is conveying?
  -What does the meadow symbolize?

I created these bookmarks and you are welcome to share them with your students. Each one has the lyrics of the Meadow song (also referred to as Rue's Lullaby). Two options for printing: larger size - five per page or smaller size with 10 per page. Print onto card-stock paper (or print onto regular paper and laminate), then cut and distribute to your students!

You can find the full download on my TeachersPayTeachers website store HERE

These are FREE and for classroom distribution/educational and non-commercial use only. You may distribute them on your website if you link back to my website (www.hungergameslessons.com), but commercial use is prohibited.

For the full-size, full-quality download, go to my TpT Store HERE or on Scribd, below.
Meadow Song Bookmarks - The Hunger Games
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