Listen to Fireside Chat Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 5th)

In observance of the July 4th holiday today (Happy Independence Day, by the way!), episode 14 of the Hunger Games Fireside Chat will broadcast live tomorrow at 9 pm CST.

The topics of discussion will include (quoted from the website):
  • We’ll reveal the TOP THREE ANTHEMS in our Panem Anthem contest and tell you how to vote for the winner!
  • We’ll share the Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day in Panem.
  • We’ll discuss: WHAT IF everyone had sided with Coin and agreed to more Hunger Games with the Capitol’s children? Could the world of The Hunger Games actually exist?
  • We’ll also delve into some Snow and politically themed Crackpot Theories and introduce a new segment that you won’t want to miss — trust us! 
As always, you can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #HGFiresideChat. It is a great way to be involved in the conversation and ask questions of the discussion panel.  This week's panel members will include Jennifer Canzoneri of Smart Pop Books, and Ariel Birdoff, a children’s publishing expert (and lead singer of Madame Pince and the Librarians), along with regulars Sam Cushion of I Am the Mockingjay and hosts Adam Spunberg and Savanna New.

Use the prompt for the Panem Anthem Contest in your classroom. It can be used around any patriotic holiday no matter your country of origin. Use the prompt around Veteran's Day, Independence (or Liberation) Day, Emancipation Day, Victory Day, National Day, Labor/Labour Day, Flag Day (have students design a flag for Panem, as well, for Flag Day).

Don't forget to VOTE for Hunger Games Lessons for best teaching blog in the "specialty" category. You will have to vote for blogs in the other categories for your vote to count, however. THANK YOU!


  1. Hey Tracee! I just found your blog through TBA's Linky party. Weird to find someone I know out there in blogland! Love the Hunger Games, so I am now a follower.

    Check out my blog: http://3rdgradelearners.blogspot.com


  2. Love your blog!! :) I'm guessing you love Harry Potter, too. What an exciting week! I had the opportunity to be a writer/editor for The Potter Games (www.thepottergames.com). Slow release of all the characters as "tributes" in The Hunger Games. So fun to do & can't wait to share it with my students. All the text is student-friendly, though I'm thinking 3rd graders might be a little young for the violence. But your boys would probably like if they like both books! :)

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