Have You Heard of The Potter Games?

As we near the release date of the final Harry Potter movie, I find myself a little sad to see the magical world end. I've looked forward to re-reading the books before each movie, then watching them come to life on the big screen.

So when I came across The Potter Games site, I was very intrigued. Could this be real: a mash-up between my two favorite young-adult series!? And just what is it, exactly? All will be revealed on July 11th at 11 p.m. EST/10 p.m. CST. But in the meantime, to quell your curiosity the mysterious Capitol webmasters (or Gamemakers?) have been releasing reaping videos, and the latest: this note from the Dark Lord himself. Hmmm...may the owls be ever in your favor, indeed!

You can follow all the daily reapings (by none other than Rita Skeeter herself) on the The Potter Games Facebook page and get live updates on Twitter, as well.

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