The Organized Classroom Blog: Using The Potter Games in Your Language Arts Class

Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom made a great three minute video explaining how you can utilize The Potter Games in your language arts classroom. Check out her blog for the article and video.

Also, hats off to Adam Spunberg, Savanna New, Shylah Addante, Sam Cushion and ALL the contributors on The Potter Games for making it hugely successful in its first week. My role has been small compared to theirs, but I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this great project.

As Charity says in her article, I will be creating some writing activities that you can use with your students while they play the online choose-your-own-adventure game. I'll also offer the lesson free and post it here.

And look at this incredibly awesome graphic Samuel Shallenberger made for The Potter Games:

Created by Samuel Shallenberger
Perfect, isn't it!?
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