A New Way to Wordle...

There's a new way to Wordle.
It's Called Wordling. And though it is similar, it has some differences, as well.

Much like Tagxedo, you can use different shapes for your word clouds. One of the fantastic things is your fonts from your computer are right there, so you can have your favorite text in the cloud.

Another unique feature is that is can use your Twitter or Facebook login and uses content from your posts as your Wordling. It's interesting to see what you are writing about most in your status updates!

I have found it to take a little longer (actually, much longer) than Wordle to create. It's also not as easy to save. I can make my Wordles into high quality PDFs, but I haven't figured out how on Wordling with my Mac. I can still take screen shots, but the quality is not as good as Wordle's. 

Either way, I think it's pretty cool! Here's my Mockingjay/Hunger Games Wordling, using the text from chapter 3 as the content:
Mrs. Orman's Hunger Games chapter three Wordling

Have your students create a word cloud with character traits from the novel you are reading. This is a great way to review the characters from the book. Plus, the art displayed around the room is both beautiful and educational. :) 
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