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Character Traits of Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games:

This is a fun little project that you can do with your students. (Thanks to Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom Blog for the idea!) It is easy to create and fun to make. YouTube (which the students all love anyway, right!?) has a link called "Search On" , which is a Google "Search Stories" video creator program. Click on the "create your own" button, then you just type in the search terms in the boxes provided, select whether you want it to search the web, images, maps, etc.. Last is the music, which is supplied by YouTube. You just select which type of mood you want to create, basically. Then, presto! It's complete.

Use this while reading the novel (or any book) and have them create a video related to it. Ideas include:
   1. Use search terms based on one of the characters
   2. Summarize a chapter in short phrases
   3. Use it for vocabulary review by typing in the words for a particular chapter or unit
   4. Select a character or term and give characteristics or personality traits
   5. Create a fun summary of the main points for review
   6. Use it to introduce new concepts, characters, or vocabulary

The possibilities are endless. You get 6 items to search and the last one is just the word(s) for that dramatic ending effect.  Have fun with it--you know the students will! Comment below with a link to your "search on" project.

Characters from The Hunger Games:

A Shameless Plug for Hunger Games Lessons:


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