This Week's Freebies & 10% Off All Week!

   TeachersPayTeachers is having a 10% off sale this week to celebrate record first quarter earnings! Now is a great time to sign up to sell (you can sign up here). The top seller is making over $14,000 per month! Each seller is noticing increased sales, so what do you have to lose? It's FREE to sign up and sell, so give it a try.
For the 10% off, use promo code A3F9D when checking out. (Now would be a great time to purchase those more expensive lessons you've been wanting, like my Hunger Games Trilogy 3-CD Teaching Unit set!)
   This week's 10-FREE lessons are HERE.

   And I want to take a moment here to announce that because I have added so many great lessons to my best-selling Hunger Games Teaching Unit without raising the price, it will go up to $14.99 later this month. In the past year, I've added numerous lessons and made a lot of improvements (I've had five big upgrades - offered free to those who purchased it previously). You will still be able to download it free for life at the $9.99 price. So if you want to purchase it before the price increases, now is the time!


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