From Mockingjay - The Rebel Propos: We Remember

When I taught Mockingjay this past fall I assigned my students the task of creating their own rebel propos. They could choose any of the themes that were in the novel. I made a "We Remember" video as an example.

This was a great hands-on technology assignment for my students, who all have MacBook Pros. I gave them a couple of days in class to work on it, then finish it up at home. The length requirement was at least 30 seconds, but no longer than two minutes. I preferred 30 seconds to a minute, but since mine went over, well, what can I say?

I have the handouts for this lesson, more examples, and step-by-step instructions on my Mockingjay CD.

And thanks to my husband who is the voice of Finnick. Our 12-year old son was laughing so hard at our voices, you might be able to hear him in the background. I created it on my MacBook (no, we teachers do not have the MacBookPros...just the students!) using iMovie. The wonderful artwork is from the very talented group of artists over on www.deviantart.com.

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