My Favorite Pinterest Hunger Games Pins This Week

I know I haven't posted on my blog in a while. But...it's summer. And still no Finnick announcement. (Come on, Lionsgate®! You're killing me!) And both of these reason [excuses] are true. But, I've also been doing a little bit of web surfing, too. Mainly on Pinterest.
If you haven't checked out Pinterest...well, then you're probably getting more done than I am this summer! I know I spend just a little bit too much time pinning, re-pinning, and just viewing all the great images people post.  So to attempt to make all this time spent on Pinterest a good thing, I'm going to share some of my favorite Hunger Games pins with you. And I think you'll like them. All apologies if I do not cite the source of the image. They can be found on my The Hunger Games, Teaching The Hunger Games, and maybe even on some of my other boards, as well. Feel free to pin, re-pin, and follow, if you'd like. 
I'm sure I pinned many of these from the Hunger Games Fireside Chat and Terrea Vees.

Really? Keep calm? That's over a year. In fact, it's a year and 5 months from today, to be exact. Ugh...

Cake Boss...bahahaha! 

Poor Mr. Mellark.

I don't know why this makes me laugh so much...I guess it's just so silly, maybe.

I really love this about Katniss. Most teenagers I know would be cussing up a storm and posting it on their Facebooks. I like how classy Katniss is (even if they did have her say "damn" in the movie, she didn't in the book).
 Well, I don't think that was the answer the teacher was looking for. But I'd give it half for being creative.

Yep, I'm fine. Perfectly fine right where I am, thank you.

This just makes me smile.

I'd love to try this, but I think I would laugh too much and blow it.This was posted on The Hob's Facebook page.

And finally, a little Finnick humor:

Do you have a Hunger Games themed Pinterest board? 
If so, post a link in the comments below so I (and others) can follow you! Thanks & have a great weekend!

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