Free Printables for 'The Hunger Games' Movie

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Are you looking for some free resources for teaching The Hunger Games? I added a new button on the right of the page that will link to my Pinterest board of free Hunger Games resources. These are always free to download.

Recently, I created these Hunger Games graphic organizers and worksheets to compare the movie to the novel.  Some, however, do not require viewing of the movie to complete.

You can download each here:
Most Anticipated Scenes from the Novel
The Hunger Games Setting - District 12
The Hunger Games Character Comparison: Peeta Mellark
The Hunger Games Top Scenes Graphic Organizer

For additional activities, you can download the complete 30 pages of activities found here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/The-Hunger-Games-Book-vs-Movie-Activities


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