Your Catching Fire and Mockingjay Casting Picks?

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Now that "The Hunger Games" movie has brought in enough dough to secure the filming of the sequels, who would you cast in the roles for the "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" movies?

SPOILERS BELOW!  Yes, even the list of characters can be spoilers. If you haven't read Catching Fire or Mockingjay, STOP reading this and go read the books! ;) OK, you've been warned...

The characters up for grabs include:
Catching Fire
Plutarch Heavensbee
Hazelle Hawthorne
Rory Hawthorne
Vick Hawthorne
Posy Hawthorne
Darius (or Lavinia?? We saw her in "The Hunger Games", but was it her?)
Romulus Thread
Mrs. Undersee - With no Madge, or even Mayor Undersee, will his ill wife make the cut? Doubtful.
Maysilee Donner - Wishful thinking???
Bonnie & Twill
Others: Tax, Purnia, Leevy, Bristel, Thom - seems highly unlikely that these characters will make the cut, either.

Catching Fire Tributes
D1: Cashmere & Gloss
D2: Brutus & Enobaria
D3: Beetee & Wiress
D4: Finnick & Mags (who volunteers for Annie)
D5: Unnamed
D6: Morphlings
D7: Blight & Johanna
D8: Woof & Cecelia
D9: Unnamed
D10: Unnamed
D11: Chaff & Seeder
D12: Well, these are already cast, aren't they!?

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Alma Coin
Commander Paylor
Castor & Pollux
Jackson, Mitchell, Homes, Leeg 1 & Leeg 2, York
Delly Cartright - since the mention of her was cut, doubtful she'll make it to the movie.
Dr. Aurelius
Others: Dalton, Eddy, Leevy, Thom, Darius, Lavinia (if they don't make the cut to CF, highly unlikely they'll make MJ)

So, who would you pick for each? I am partial to Alec Baldwin for Plutarch, and Savanna from The Hunger Games Fireside Chat had posted (or reblogged?) that Sigourney Weaver would be a perfect Alma Coin. I agree!! Other than those two, I have no other picks. I know, kind of boring, huh!? Help me out by commenting below!
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