Celebrate Poetry Hunger Games Style!

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I started working on a Hunger Games-themed poetry freebie and figured I would finish it over spring break. Oops... Since this is already April 12, I thought I better post some of the pages I HAVE completed so you can use them during poetry month! Of course, you can (and should) incorporate creative writing exercises any time throughout the year. It allows your students to think freely and differently than they normally do.

UPDATED: I completed the packet! You can download it here free:
The Hunger Games Creative Writing Exercises

Here's some Acrostic poetry-writing exercises you can use with your students. The first letter of each line will begin with a letter in the character's name. The content should relate to the character. Lines can be as simple as one-word, or full sentences, or a mixture of both. The "speaker" of the poem can be the character or written in third person.

Here's an example of one I wrote as if I were Katniss:
Knowing I will most
Assuredly die
Tomorrow, I toss aside the
Notion of hope I've recklessly
Instilled in my
Sister. But hope has a way of
Sneaking back.

Here's a more simple poem for Peeta with adjectives Katniss may use to describe him during the Games:

I have many more pages coming, so stay tuned for additional ones. You can download them {HERE}.

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