Winners in My Hunger Games Giveaway

 Congratulations to all the winners and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered! 

I wish I had enough prizes for everyone!
The winners of the prizes from the general giveaway (1154 entries) are:

Jennifer K, #451 (Yes, Star Squad 451 definitely came to mind when that number came up!)

Lisa L, #16
Amy B., #439
I gave TWO of these away. The winners: Jennifer A., #1043 and Sonja R., #1062
The winner of the top set of magnets is Cesilia M, #817; the winner of the bottom set is Melissa M., #583
Vicky S., #807
Jordanne M., #92

Brancey M., #756

Kathie L., #1104

Jaci P., #577

And the winners of the teaching units (of 621 entries):
Stella H., #43

I thought I would give away two of these: Amy G, #211 and Ulrike H., #381
 Thank you all, again, for entering. 
I do plan to list some of my beaded bookmarks, magnets, and charms on etsy this summer. I just haven't found time during the school year. You can keep tabs by checking my store, which has nothing...yet!

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