Don't Miss the Final Episodes of The Katniss Chronicles

A signed poster from The Katniss Chronicles to our class! WOW!

Last week we received a very special gift at school. The cast of "The Katniss Chronicles" sent my class an autographed poster. Needless to say, we were thrilled!

We've been listening to "The Katniss Chronicles" in my seventh period class because I had a new student join us after we had finished reading The Hunger Games. Plus, we wanted to refresh ourselves before we see the movie since it's been a year since my students read it (I had this same group last year when they were freshmen and again this year as sophomores). 

Using "The Katniss Chronicles" episodes has been very effective. My students will pick up on things that they forgot from the book and comment on the different accents, sound effects, etc.. For my student who hasn't read The Hunger Games, we'll pause the podcast when he has questions or comments. My other students are quick to answer, though they have a hard time restraining themselves from spoiling certain events.
Thumbs up for The Katniss Chronicles!

As the movie premiere for "The Hunger Games" nears, so does the end of "The Katniss Chronicles." The cast releases a new episode each week (usually on Tuesdays), with its final performance coinciding with the movie premiere, the week of March 19th.

We hope they will continue their amazing performances for Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I can't even imagine the amount of work that it takes to create each episode (I know from helping with students projects that creating even a short 3-minute podcast takes a lot of time and energy), so I do hope they can continue. I would be willing to pay a subscription if it helped.

So if you haven't listened to "The Katniss Chronicles" yet, don't hesitate. You can begin with Episode 1: The Reaping, or skip to your favorite parts in the novel. The latest episode released was Episode 14: Feast and Famine, with Episode 15: Victory in Sight debuting this week. Each week they also release bonus material--including announcements of their latest fan giveaways!

You can also chat with the cast by following them on...
Twitter: @KatnissChron
Facebook: The Katniss Chronicles
Tumblr: T.K.C.
and subscribe on iTunes

My class would like to send our sincerest thanks to the cast & crew for sending us this great *signed* poster AND for creating this magnificent ear candy each week. It truly is a treat to listen to it, so I hope you'll check them out if you haven't already.

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