Celebrate Your Favorite Female Characters from Literature Writing Prompt

Celebrate Your Favorite Female Heroines in Literature

To help celebrate women this month, have your students write about their favorite female characters from literature. You can require a lengthy response, or have them jot quick lists of their top picks and why.

Read my students' responses on our class blog {HERE}. We didn't have much time, so I chose a shorter prompt for them:

(From our class blog)

"Who Are Your Top 5 Female Characters from Literature?

Today's prompt is to list your top 5 female characters from literature and a brief explanation why. Make sure to name the character AND the book/story in which she appears."

I also wrote about two of my favorite female characters for The Harry Potter Alliance's Imagine Better project. You might be surprised who I wrote about. Read my post {HERE}.

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  1. Love this for a writing prompt idea! I'll have to do this yet sometime this year.

    I just saw your comment on the blogger by state link-up. I would have loved to meet while you were visiting South Dakota! My parents live out in the Black Hills, so I'm out there quite often. If you ever get back this direction, please let me know! :) It is very beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Heather! Yes...will definitely let you know! We drove all the way across on I-90, staying in Chamberlain and Rapid City before heading to Yellowstone and Spokane. I loved driving through the Black Hills!


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