Hunger Games Christmas Tree

Fitting, isn't it?

I have a tiny desktop tree I take out each year in December and it's pretty bare when it comes to decorations.

When I took it out of the cupboard this year, I decided it needed a little Charlie Brown-style makeover (or should I say Cinna-style makeover!?). I made little Hunger Games ornaments (for directions, see below) that can be given away before we leave for Christmas break. I planned to add more garland with various charms, but have been a little busy with teaching. ;) If I do finish it, I'll update the pics.

Are you doing any decorating using Hunger Games as a theme? If so, post a link below. We'd love to see them!

. : * : .  Happy Holidays!  . : * : .

Close up, showing that I even included a little ornament of Seneca Crane's beard. Who doesn't love the beard?
Directions to make your own themed ornaments to give away or keep:

Supplies needed: Cardstock paper, scissors, embroidery thread or thin ribbon, labels or tape, computer & printer 
Step 1: On your computer, design some labels with your message and print. I use circle labels (1 in.) that work perfectly for this purpose. (You can find free downloads for Avery label templates by doing a Google search.) Make sure your label is not to big to stick to the back of your ornament. You can always trim your label, if needed.

Step 2: Design your ornament and print onto cardstock paper. Any shape will work; I use circles for this demonstration, but as you see on my tree, I also used a rectangular shape for the book ornament.

Step 3: Cut a piece of the thread or ribbon in about four-inch increments (longer if your ornaments are larger than three inches); then fold in half and affix to the sticky-side of the label. (If you aren't using labels, just affix to a small piece of tape.)

Step 4: Stick the label (or tape) onto the back of your ornament.

 And there you have it: Ornaments ready to be hung or shared with others!

 You can add glitter for that extra bling (I just use glitter glue and apply a thin line around the edge).
And you can try other themes, as well. 
Try your favorite sports team, show some school spirit, or showcase other books you or your students like.
Let your students choose an ornament from your tree before they leave for break. 
Or give them to students who bring you a gift for the holidays (if you teach high school like me, you won't need to make too many! ha!)
If you aren't allowed to decorate for any specific holiday, just hang the ornaments themselves on a piece of curling ribbon or fishing line and attach each end along your white board.


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