Hunger Games Movie Trailer is Amaaaazing!

So my morning classes and I watched the Good Morning America broadcast of The Hunger Games movie trailer (along with Josh Hutcherson's interview about playing Peeta), and the consensus is two very big thumbs up.

There's so much to talk about, but since I am still at school and need to get some other work done, I promise to write more later. I wanted to let you know you can watch the trailer {HERE} on iTunes and make sure to tune in tonight to The Hunger Games Fireside Chat to talk about the trailer. I am sure the #HeadForTheSquare hashtag will be brought up, as well.

Update (Or, My After-School Comments):
So, there's a few things we discussed in my classes that I thought I would share with you. Feel free to comment below to anything you'd like to share, as well. I've also embedded the trailer, below, for your convenience!

I think everyone agreed that the trailer is amazing and gave viewers even more than we expected. Here are some "critiques" of specifics, but please keep in mind that this is not criticizing the trailer in any way,  just questions/observances that were brought up as we watched it:

1. The district 12 fence:  We pictured it as chain-link electrified fence with barbed wire looped on the top (like you see around prisons). It didn't give the feel of Katniss "sneaking" out to go hunt. Perhaps the imagery of how she had to climb a tree in Catching Fire to get over it is the reason I thought it would be much taller! (And did she already have her weapon when she left the district? She always kept her father's bows/arrows hidden in a hollow tree in the woods.)

2. The hovercraft: Holy smokes! That thing was more massive and military-like than we imagined. But amazing! We also thought it would be quieter. More like a flying saucer. And weren't they hidden in a rocky ledge when they see the Avox girl? Maybe this is a different moment in the movie?

3. Prim crying: It makes sense to have this in the movie. We know Katniss worries inside about her sister, but never really see Prim getting emotional before the Reaping.

4. Reaping: My students did not like Effie's look. They pictured her younger. I actually thought it was a great look. I just imagined her hair pinker. I do love her accent - that is exactly how I imagined her to sound (though I've never pronounced Peeta's last name Ma-lark).

5. Prim's Reaping Slip: Computer printed with her name, rather than handwritten. But what is with the black tag on it? Does that mean that it was rigged? Oh wait...looks like they all have them now that I saw a slow-mo on Tumblr. OK, I take that back!

6. When Katniss volunteers: Oh my...total chills and even choked me up some the first time I saw it. I know I will get emotional at this part in the movie.

7. Peeta: Oh, sweet, sweet Peeta! Love Josh in these scenes. Love Josh as Peeta, period! He truly is perfect!

8. The Capitol: Much darker than I imagined. I thought it would be brighter, more colorful. But I do like this look - goes more with the futuristic dystopian theme.

9. Lenny is awesome! We love Lenny as Cinna.

10. Caesar Flickerman: My students were shocked - they said, "We thought Caesar was old!" But, in the Capitol, you can look ageless, right!? I think Stanley Tucci will be unbelievable in this role. That hair was unexpected! And so, so perfect! ("Why isn't she wearing a jeweled dress? The dress should be jeweled!!" this was heard in each class period. I agree, but...still love!)

11. President Snow: Much bushier beard than I thought he'd have. Thought he would have it more well kept, trimmed. But still love Donald Sutherland in this role!

12. Training center: Why did I always picture this as an actual old-school gymnasium? This training center is so cool! And those stunts. Wow. Just, wow...

13. Where's Haymitch?? Oh, there he is. The 1.2 seconds we get to see him. Really!? Really!? That's all!? We want more Haymitch! We also wonder if he'll fall off the stage at the Reaping and if he'll punch Peeta and Katniss almost stabs his hand on the train. Love those parts!

14. Private session: We truly hope she shoots the apple out of the pig's mouth. We get that glimpse of where the Gamemakers are hanging out, and it will just be perfect!

15. Rue peeking around the corner: Sigh... She looks so sweet and innocent. So sad...

16. Seneca Crane's Beard: This is one of the highlights, or perhaps unexpected bonus, of the trailer (and film): seeing Seneca Crane as Head Gamemaker with that funky Capitol-looking beard. So outrageous, so fitting! The sophomore boys were especially admiring it. Could it be a new trend? What do you think? lol

17. Silent Salute (this is probably out of order): This part gave me complete chills. I love that scene. Katniss must give the district 12 citizens this when she is in the arena?? I do hope the citizens still give it to her at the Reaping, though. And this is nit-picky, but it was the left hand they used in the gesture, not the right. But, it's all good.

18. Katniss going up the tube into the arena: My heart was pounding watching. Breathtaking.

19. Countdown: Does the countdown begin when she is below, or will it begin above ground like in the book? And will it just be 10 seconds or 60? (Sixty is probably too long for a movie, so 10 will probably do.)

20. Where's the Cornucopia? We were hoping to see this 20ft. golden horn.

21. Why are the tributes so close together? We imagined them further apart. This makes it even more...disturbing, almost. How do you get out of that? I guess that's why 11 died in the bloodbath.

22. Not an Orange Backpack: Hmmm....I am sure this will come up in tonight's Fireside Chat!!

23. Wow, Peeta is FAST!

24. What...you can't stop THERE!! Noooooooo...keep going!!! Oh man, we have to wait until March!!??

I am sure there is so much more I am missing here. Which is why I will be tuning in to the Hunger Games Fireside Chat tonight! There's always great conversation and people bring up all those little details the rest of us miss. Make sure you listen at 10 p.m. EST and chat along with us on Twitter using the hashtag #HGFiresideChat.
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