Hunger Games Classroom Training Games, vol. 2

Hunger Games Mock Reaping Classroom Games
Camouflaging the orange backpack...

If you head over to the Hunger Games Lessons Facebook page, you can see the photos I uploaded of our classroom training Games. These were the training challenges the Gamemakers came up with to assess each Tribute and rank them from the 1-12 scale like the real Tributes from the novel are ranked.

Each Tribute had three activities in which they were assessed. My first period Gamemakers came up with target shooting (Nerf gun), agility (obstacle course with a sword-fighting challenge thrown in at the end), and speed (running a 40-yard sprint). Second period Gamemakers had target shooting, camouflage (camouflaging the orange backpack!), and agility by dodging fireballs (nerf-like balls). And my sixth period Gamemakers came up with speed (running a down & back for a total of about 50 yards), knot tying, and camouflage.
Hunger Games Lessons: The Hunger Games Mock Reaping Classroom Games www.hungergameslessons.com
Tributes could use anything in nature to help camouflage their "backpack."
For the final Games, they'll be playing Gamemaker-selected Wii games in which they can compete against one another (without actually causing anyone physical harm). We'll set up the "arena" in the library where they have a lot of room to compete. I am sure after all the Tributes are done the Mentors/Escorts, Stylists, and Gamemakers will want to have their own challenge. Maybe President Snow will even make an appearance for a little Wii boxing!? We'll see...

Hunger Games Lessons: The Hunger Games Mock Reaping Classroom Games www.hungergameslessons.com
Dodging fireballs...
This is the second year we've had the class "Games," and the students have enjoyed it so far. It's a great way to get them physically involved and collaborate with a "team" (each district & the Gamemakers comprised teams of 4 students each). Plus, I happen to love letting them be creative, so this is one of the many ways they can express it in class.

Sponsor a Tribute Example for The Hunger Games Class Mock Reaping & Training
Mentors made propaganda posters for their Tributes. Later, sponsors will have the chance to place bets or sponsor the Tributes of their choice. To earn $$$, citizens must excel at various evil things like tests, reviews, and other assessments President Snow has decided for them. They'll also earn Panem cash just for being citizens, of course. And citizens from other sectors of Panem (aka the rest of the school community) will have the option of sponsoring a tribute, as well.

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