Creative Class Projects: The Cherry on Top of Your Completed Unit

A "Minecraft" version of the 74th Hunger Games arena.

There's no better way to end a unit than assigning a creative project. It allows students to loosen up and have some fun with the content they've just learned. Creative projects work for all content areas, grade levels, and subject matter. Students need to practice creative thinking more often; it will help them later in life with problem solving and give them a leg-up in the job market.

So I'd like to share a slideshow of my students' latest creative projects. I'll be adding more to the mix in the next few days. And if you need some help with how to assign the projects, check out my past posts (there are links on the right side of the page to older posts), which have loads of ideas for creative projects. I also have several handouts and bundles in my teacher store.

So the next time you serve up a unit, allow your students 
to put the cherry on top!
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