The Hunger Games Movie Trailer Teaching Moment

Screenshot of the Capitol, courtesy of Hunger Games Down With The Capitol

I couldn't resist sharing "The Hunger Games" movie trailer with my students. It was exciting seeing their reactions, sharing in their excitement. Watching movie trailers of your favorite novels can be perfect opportunities for reinforcing the skills your students are already practicing. While they are not quite like comparing the novel to the full-length movie, they can offer shorter opportunities for analysis and comparisons to the text.

To compare the Hunger Games movie trailer to the novel, you can utilize the still shots posted on Down With the Capitol.
Questions that you can present to your students may include:

1. How do the images on the screen compare to your own interpretation of the following places:
  A. District 12
  B. the woods outside District 12
  C. the Capitol
  D. the arena
  the following events:
  A. the Reaping
  B. the Opening Ceremony
  C. training in the Training Center
  D. the Tribute interviews
  the following characters:
  A. Katniss
  B. Gale
  C. Primrose
  D. Peeta
  E. Effie
  F. Cinna
  G. Haymitch
  H. President Snow
  I. Caesar Flickerman
2. What differences do you notice between the novel and the trailer?

3. Why do you think these changes were made?

4. How does the dialogue between characters in the trailer differ from the dialogue in the novel? Which quotes are the same?

5. Which scenes were you hoping to see in the trailer but didn't?

6. Why do you think they were omitted?

7. Which scenes were you pleasantly pleased to see included in the trailer?

8. Do you think the author would be pleased with what she sees on the screen? Why or why not?

9. Does the trailer make you want to see the movie? Why or why not?

You can discuss these questions with your students or have them write their answers. You could even offer it up as an expository writing exercise. If you do a unit on propaganda, critique Lionsgate® on the effectiveness of its advertising and marketing strategies for the movie.

  *You can download a handout to use with ANY novel/movie now! 
Download {HERE}*

Did you show your class the trailer? What was their response?
If you have additional ideas, feel free to share below!


  1. I watched the trailer with my 8th graders today too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will def. go over these questions with them!!! We are soooo psyched for the movie!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

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