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In chapter 17, pages 248-249, Cinna has just helped Katniss into her wedding gown for the final tribute interviews with Caesar Flickerman. After instructing her to do a twirl like she had the previous year, Cinna asks Katniss what her plans are for the interview. She replies, "...this year I'm just winging it."

Oh, how I love Suzanne Collins' style!

Once again, these are the gems we get to enjoy on re-reads. I gave my students who had already read Catching Fire a choice between re-reading and reading a different novel. Only one chose to read a different novel. For anyone who argues that students aren't getting anything out of re-reading a book, I have to say that perhaps they get even more out of it. So many of them flew through the trilogy and cannot even remember big events that took place. These re-reads offer the opportunity to see the book from the perspective of knowing how it ends, causing them to read a little bit closer and enjoying lines like Katniss' above. Have your students who have already read the book seek out these hints of foreshadowing. They'll be amazed at how many they find and will appreciate the author's craft.

Classroom Connections: Exploring foreshadowing while re-reading Catching Fire on www.hungergameslessons.com

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Catching Fire quote written by Suzanne Collins
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