March Madness, Panem-Style!

Every year I get the March Madness fever. I don't watch basketball at all throughout the year (except for my son's team, of course), but when those NCAA brackets are released, I'm a sucker for trying to pick the winners.
Hunger Games Character Bracket by Deanna B.
Student example by Deanna B.

My students tend to catch the fever, too, so this year I decided to create some literature-inspired brackets so we could take that same enthusiasm for basketball and apply it to class.

Since my seniors are reading Catching Fire right now I gave them blank ones so they could seed the characters. But...I couldn't let them have all the fun. As they argued who would win in a competition between Prim and Rue (gasp!), I started filling one out for all the characters in the trilogy (actually, I couldn't fit them all). I've uploaded the image and placed it below, but you can download the PDF free in my teacher store for a better-quality printable. I uploaded some blank brackets that can be used for any novel, story, or history lesson, too.

So...who would YOU choose to win in my Hunger Games version of March Madness?
The Hunger Games Trilogy Tournament Bracket www.hungergameslessons.com
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Download the free activities to use in your classroom here:
The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay Tournament Madness Brackets
Literature & History Tournament Madness Brackets

Note: This is not associated with the NCAA March Madness tournament or any of its affiliates or sponsors. It is for educational purposes only.
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