Is Your Class Participating in World Read Aloud Day?

World Read Aloud Day: March 6th, 2013

World Read Aloud Day is Wednesday, March 6th. You and your class can sign up to participate in this event on the LitWorld website. Help spread literacy and exercise your freedom to read! The site also provides a packet of educational materials to download, found here.

The statistics about global literacy are so astounding, I wanted to share them with you. They are provided by UNESCO on the LitWorld website:

• According to the latest data (2009), 793 million adults – two 
thirds of them women – lack basic reading and writing skills. 
Included in this statistic are 127 million youth aged 15-24. 

• Since 1985, the female adult literacy rate has risen 15%, which is 
about double the growth of the male literacy rate in the same 
time period. (UNESCO) 

• On tests involving 4,500 to 10,000 students in 43 countries, half 
of the girls said they read for at least thirty minutes a day, 
compared with less than one-third of the boys. (UNESCO) 

• In sub-Saharan Africa, girls have less than a 50% chance of 
finishing primary school. In some Asian countries, girls also 
struggle: 41% of girls in Pakistan and 30% in India fail to finish 
primary school. (results.org) 

• Poorly-literate individuals are less likely to participate in 
democratic processes and have fewer chances to fully exercise 
their civil rights (UNESCO)  

• A child born to a mother who can read is 50 percent more likely 
to survive past the age of 5 than a child born to an illiterate 
woman. (UNESCO) 

• A literate and educated girl is three times less likely to acquire 
AIDS, she will earn at least twenty-five percent more income, 
and she will produce a smaller, healthier family. (UNESCO) 

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

I think so many Americans take for granted their education. Yes, we have many illiterate citizens, as well, but it could be far worse. I think it's important to share this information with your students and encourage them to read more. As the date gets closer, I'd love to have a link-up with other teachers participating in this event. More on that later!

You can participate in this event in a variety of ways. For more information, visit the LitWorld website.
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