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It's almost 2013, which means The Year of The Hunger Games is coming to a close. Two-thousand and twelve was a great year for fans and all the thousands of students who were able to read The Hunger Games as a class assignment. But what about Catching Fire? There's been so little news about the movie lately, it almost seems as though people have forgotten about it. I think Lionsgate® will need to ramp up the marketing for the sequel, perhaps even starting a new secret website like TheCapitol.pn.

Have your students brainstorm new ways Lionsgate® could market the sequels to "The Hunger Games" blockbuster movie. What are some unique ideas they haven't tried yet?

To begin, have students list the methods of marketing (pre-movie release) already used, such as specific merchandise that was created, teasers and trailers, secretive websites and Facebook Pages, mysterious tweets on Twitter, etc.. Browse some of my old posts for additional methods or check out these specific posts:
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Browse: Browse by The Hunger Games Movie or Browse by Lionsgate

After they have discussed all the marketing strategies that were used, see what they can brainstorm for new strategies and methods. Have them think about the following:

1. Which methods seemed especially effective last year with "The Hunger Games"?
2. Has the fan based changed at all? Are they marketing to a different crowd or the same people?
3. Are there any new forms of social media that may be better ways to communicate to their fans (such as Pinterest)? Give reasons why the new ways would be effective in getting their message/branding out to fans.

It'll be interesting to see which new methods the studio will use to promote the film and compare it to your students' ideas. If you happen to have them posted online or wish to share with us, please post a link or send me a picture so I can post it online.

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