To the Victors, the Spoils

Classroom Connections: The Price of Fame for the Victors on www.hungergameslessons.com
Classroom Connections: The Price of Fame for the Victors

In Panem, winning the Hunger Games allows the Victor a lifetime of fame, fortune, and ease...or does it?

As you and your class read Catching Fire, there are several opportunities to discuss the price of "fame" - both in the novel and in real life.

Students can look (and unfortunately, not too hard) for examples of celebrities who have not dealt very well with their new-found fame.

Then ask your students how Katniss deals with the pressure of being a Victor:

  - Is living in Victor's Village ideal for her family?
  - Is not worrying about feeding her family enough to ease her mind?
  - What other pressures and responsibilities must she take on?
  - Does money buy happiness?

Then, finally, poll your students; ask how many of them think Katniss would gladly go back to her old way of life, starving and all.

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Classroom Connections: Catching Fire Discussion Prompt on www.hungergameslessons.com

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