District 4 Revealed...How is Your Map of Panem Shaping Up?

Panem Hunger Games
Map courtesy of MyHungerGames.com

With as many different maps of Panem I've created, you'd think it would get old. But it doesn't! I still love the speculation that goes into each placement of the districts and finding context clues for support.

The new map that was released from The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook game is as close to an official map that we'll get, albeit it's based on the movie rather than the book. But how different can it be?

Last week District 4 was revealed to fans. I was not at all surprised of the placement on the Pacific side. In fact, if you look at my past maps, you'll notice that I favored that side on almost all of them. My reasoning was the "dead zone" area in the Gulf of Mexico. Author Suzanne Collins makes reference on several occasions that humans have brought about much of the destruction of North America. That was enough evidence for me.

So where will the rest of the districts be placed? Here are my new picks:
Map of Panem Tracee Orman Template Hunger Games Lessons
The only districts I'm not sure about are the top three: 5, 9, and 7. District 5 is probably the one that is most up in the air for me, but I do believe that there are many sources of power in northwestern Canada. I had never thought of District 5 being there, but with the water, wind, and oil potential for power, it could definitely work. The rest I placed based on World Atlas maps (yep, old school from the book) and the most plentiful places for each industry.

So, only time will tell if my speculation is way-off or not. What do you think? Where would you place the districts based on the new "official" map?

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