The Hunger Games Blu-ray & DVD Special Feature Comic-Con Clip!

Entertainment Weekly shares a peek at some of the footage we'll find on The Hunger Games Blu-ray and DVDs, which will be released August 18th. I can't wait to share this with my students after we finish the novel. How about you? Will you show it to your students?


  1. Tracee, I just wanted to let you know this clip here spurred an entire idea to teach this unit. You've helped me so much, so I wanted to share.

    I was trying to work in the reality tv angle around chapters 11-14. I plan to show this clip to the students, followed by a writing or discussion prompt:
    Do you think you would like to be an actor or actress in The Hunger Games? Why or why not? What sort of challenges does Jennifer Lawrence face being Katniss?
    Based on the video you saw, what do you like about Jennifer Lawrence? What don’t you like? How did you come to those decisions?

    Then, I'll explain that Jennifer Lawrence performed a video diary, describing what was going through her head while she acted as Katniss. This is especially popular for reality tv series. I then follow it with another clip from another series that performs a video diary. I particularly like Storage Wars clip that I found, because it's great storytelling, and YAY no swearing: http://youtu.be/f7kTQlqfx68

    Students are then assigned to write draft script for Katniss's video diary while she is in the Cornucopia. When those are turned in, I'll have students then write AND record a video diary of their own--as if they were competing in The Hunger Games! I think it would go great with your Reaping activity.

    Again, thank you for all your help. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to this idea--I would love to hear from you!

    1. I absolutely LOVE that idea! I think I'll use it with my students, too. :) I agree that it would go very well with the reaping activity and it's something the kids will totally have fun doing!

      Thanks for sharing it with us AND for your kind words. They truly are appreciated!


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