An Official Map of Panem...Well, Partially, Anyway

Photo courtesy of Mockingjay.net via Hunger Games Adventures

Thanks to my friends at Mockingjay.net, a partial Map of Panem was revealed on The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook Game. As you can see, it shows the outlines of all the districts and reveals districts 12, 11, 2 and the Capitol. And, of course, the change in land form, with poor Florida well below sea level.

One thing I noticed is that District 11 does not seem to be the largest of the districts, as stated in the novel. I also wonder about the district that falls in between Districts 11 and 12. I wasn't expecting that. This may be a clue that the map is probably not officially endorsed by Suzanne Collins and it is simply a depiction from The Hunger Games Adventures' developers standpoint. But still, it's pretty cool to get some sort of "official" perspective.

Of course, this outline now gives us specific regions for each district. So, knowing what each district's industry is, have your students plot the rest of the districts using deductive reasoning. If they need some help, here's a list of the districts and their industries:
District 1 - Luxury goods
District 2 - Masonry [The Hunger Games and Catching Fire SPOILER: Capitol's defense/Peacekeeper training]
District 3 - Electronics/Technology
District 4 - Fishing
District 5 - Power
District 6 - Transportation
District 7 - Lumber
District 8 - Textiles
District 9 - Grain
District 10 - Livestock
District 11 - Agriculture
District 12 - Coal Mining
District 13 - Graphite mining [The Hunger Games and Catching Fire SPOILER: or nuclear technology]

Where would you place the districts? Here's a link to my previous Map of Panem post with rationale for each district's placement. I'll be posting my new picks shortly, though I sense they will fall pretty well in-line with the regions here. Whether they match up with the actual district numbers when those are revealed is another question all together.  

Here's a link to Mockingjay.net's original post: http://mockingjay.net/2012/07/22/hg-adventures-map-panem-revealed/#

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