Fire Up for the Olympic Games

The Olympic flame arrived in London and has been making its rounds through the city, even taking a ride on the London Underground train. It will reach its final destination Friday during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Games.

So, in the tradition of being obsessed with The Hunger Games, I couldn't help compare the Olympic flame with Katniss, the Girl Who Was on Fire (this is a good discussion to have during/after chapter 5 of The Hunger Games).

Have your students research the Olympic flame. Ask:
- What does the Olympic flame symbolize?
- What does the torch relay symbolize? (And who started it? Why?)
- Who carries the flame? Who lights the cauldron?
- What happens to the flame at the close of the Games?

Then have your students compare the rituals and symbolism of the Olympic flame to the District 12 tributes. Discussion questions could include:
- Are there any similarities to the symbolism of the Olympic flame and the symbolism of the Tribute's costumes?
- Is it a coincidence that the District 12 tributes are the final "team" in the Ceremony and dressed in flames? (Comparing the torch relay.)
- Why isn't Peeta referred to as "The Boy Who Was on Fire"?

Are there other similarities? Feel free to share in the comments below. And enjoy watching the Olympics!

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