Scanning QR Codes is Key in Panem October

Please scan my ID with your smart phone or iPod.

Fans flooded Panem October last night, crashing the server with heavy traffic. But after waiting over an hour, the site resolved its server problem (as the District 3 citizens were threatened with a whipping) and anxious fans started exploring the site. 

I was one of many who turned to my iPhone to access it initially. I was able to write on Peeta's and Katniss's walls and "friend" some of the others who made it on.

It was clear right away, though, that our ID cards--and the QR codes, specifically--were going to play an important role on this site. When I tried to access the District 5 homepage, this is what appeared:

District 5 Citizens...we need more scans!

The key to unlocking these pages will be based on how many scans you tally, much like TheCapitol.pn's requirement of "expedite" requests. See the explanation, below. This is what appears when you click on your ID card. Before I saw this page I thought we individually had to earn 30,000 scans to access our district's homepage. But it seems we can pool our scans. So if you haven't yet, please scan my code above, or below. Scanning will take you to my profile page. If you can't scan, you can access it here: MrsOrman on Panem October.  (Many thanks!)

UPDATED: For those that do not have a smart phone or iPod, you can use this website to paste the url of the image you want scanned: http://miniqr.com/reader.php  Please note that it won't work for Facebook images and you must click on the image so it is on its own url. For example, if you click on my code above, copy the url (which will be http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-2EryX0AB7w8/ToctKlSMYHI/AAAAAAAAAxw/u09bIHAO2Iw/s1600/TraceeOrmanPanemOctoberScanQR.png) then paste that into  http://miniqr.com/reader.php and hit submit. It will bring up a page with the data (mine brings up this page: http://miniqr.com/8a514). You need to click on the link that says "yes" after the person's name: http://www.panemoctober.com/citizen/mrsorman/yes.  That brings you to their profile page. The only way it works is if you view their profile page. Then you can "add" them as a friend. Good luck!

SCANNING UPDATE (Oct. 6): The mobile scanning will not be 100% until tomorrow, according to Rowan. So be patient; hopefully come Oct. 7th they will be functioning properly.

I'm also intrigued about the special opportunities and additional items that are offered as incentives for citizens with the most scans. Further down, you can see that "Jack" is a favored citizen in Panem right now.

The site itself is much like Facebook, as you can "friend" other citizens and you see their status updates on your home page. You can also write on their walls. When you click on "Places" you can visit the Capitol's site, which has information about President Snow and the history of the Hunger Games, shown below:
The Capitol's website. Love the colorful banner.
History of the Hunger Games.
President Snow's bio.
I will keep exploring to see how we teachers can use this site to engage our students. Right now, I'm just trying to scan as many IDs to unlock the other pages. If you aren't registered yet, you can scan and register on your smart phone or iPod Touch. You can download a free QR Code App to read the scans.And don't forget to scan mine (just in case you missed it!):


  1. You seem to know alot about this, can someone pleease explane how you can scan without a smartphone? I get that there is online scanners, but they just give you a adress, wich is the same as the user's like webbsite URL? do u get what I mean?;)

  2. Good question. I know my son can scan with his iPod Touch. But I don't know how to scan online. I will check & get back to you. If it makes you feel any better, every time I scan I get an error message or an taken to the "citizen overload" page on my phone. I hope it's not ALL about scanning, because it takes forever & I just don't have time for that! lol

  3. OK, I found out how you can do it!
    Click on the image you want to scan so it has its own website. Like, if you click above on my code, it takes you to this url: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-2EryX0AB7w8/ToctKlSMYHI/AAAAAAAAAxw/u09bIHAO2Iw/s1600/TraceeOrmanPanemOctoberScanQR.png

    COPY that url.

    Go to this website: http://miniqr.com/reader.php

    PASTE the url and click SUBMIT.
    It will bring up the web address for my page with a "yes" after it. Click on that web address. Then click "Add" to add that person as a friend. Everytime you do that, it registers on the site & that person gets counted for a scan (or YOU get counted for a scan...not sure which way it works yet).

    Let me know if that works for you!! Good luck! (And feel free to post yours here so I can scan it!)

  4. You seem to know a lot about this, so I've got a quick question.
    I downloaded a qr scanner onto my ipod touch, and it scans the qr codes and sends me to the person's profile, but it says that I'm not signed in so my scan was denied. I sign in, but it just sends me to my profile and I can't access the qr scanner without going onto my ipod menu, which seems to sign me out every time.
    What do I do??

  5. You know, I was having that same problem the other day. I know their mobile site was down (or not working), so I would wait and see if it works tomorrow. I haven't had time to check it out this week with school, but I will tomorrow. The QR reader on your iPod Touch should save your scans, so if you click on those saved scans when it is working, it should register them. I would think, anyway. But I'll try to find out for you!

  6. When I copy the url of my image from my account it says that no qr code found. Why is that?

  7. I found out that the mobile scans won't be 100% functioning until tomorrow. So, hopefully they will work tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 7th).

  8. how does it work if the person you're scanning is already your friend?

  9. thanks for the infos! I finally got it

  10. I ws just scanned and I want to scan the person back, but I'm not sure how to find out who they are. So is there a way to find out who scanned you?

  11. I'm not sure there is a way to see who scans you, but that would be nice if we could!

  12. I would really like to scan someone, but I don't own smartphone, and that website doesn't work for me :(.
    ALl i get is:
    as you know, we are pre-alpha, thats why:
    error code: 2
    error message: no QR code discovered
    we are sorry for the inconvenience

    [decode] =>
    [error] => 2
    [message] => no QR code discovered
    Does anybody know how to scan people other way?

  13. i get error code 404 after clicking on the link with the yes :/

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