Updates on Panem October and TheCapitol.pn

OCTOBER 4th Update: 
TheCapitol.pn seems to be opening up a new district each day, with districts 12, 8, 7, and 9 open for processing their DIPs. It looks as though district 2 citizens will be the next to receive their identification. I was given the job as a "furniture builder," which I find much more appealing for me than tree climber or another dangerous task (since I am district 7 on TheCapitol.pn).  Here's my ID:

 Meanwhile, Panem October is relaunching the site due to the overwhelming traffic and response to it. I'm not sure if Rowan realized how many people are hungry for more, but he does now! This can only be a good thing for the novel and the movie, of course. Exposing this great series to as many people as possible is a wonderful way to spread literacy.

OCTOBER 2nd: Due to extremely heavy traffic, Rowan the Gamemaker has been hard at work fixing and updating the PanemOctober website.

The latest is this message, posted tonight (Oct. 2):

Panem October
by Rowan, Head Gamemaker

We've been able to manage traffic nicely, and our optimizations are
starting to pay off... but many people are confused about what this is.
Panem October is not a Pottermore for the Hunger Games.
(despite our love homage to their 'we crashed' screen)
It is also not just a Facebook for fans of the series.
The social aspect will be important to you
later in the game, as there is much, much more to come.
Panem October is an alternate-reality game.
Basically, we put you into the Hunger Games book
and make you feel as if you are living in the story itself.
We're redesigning the site not only because of the large amount of
traffic, but to show and explain to users what this will be like
and how the users are supposed to play and move through the game.
Get ready to live inside The Hunger Games.
We will enable access randomly over the next few days
until we have fully upgraded servers.
Make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter for
up-to-date announcements.

Meanwhile, strange things have been happening at TheCapitol.pn. District 12 and District 8 citizens were able to process their DIPs over the weekend. District 7 was set to be next (that's mine!). Then...a strange white screen appeared with Latin text. Upon further investigation, Twitter users were able to figure out that it was from the original Roman "bread and circuses" contract. (As Mockingjay.net reported, TheCapitol.pn site has now been replaced by the Latin text for a satirical poem called ‘The Vanity of Human Wishes‘ (full English translation) written by Latin author Juvenal.) In addition, @TheCapitolPN posted a quote by George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Any ideas? I am sure we will find out shortly. And I hope District 7 is still on target to be processed tonight. Although, I do have to catch up on grading and write a test...

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