Hunger Games Halloween Costumes

The folks at The Hob have put together an excellent feature on Hunger Games-inspired Halloween costumes! So far, they have featured Katniss, President Snow, and Effie Trinket. I am sure the others will be featured soon. They even let you know where you can purchase items needed for the costumes.
Don't have long hair? Get the Katniss wig!

And speaking of great fan-sites, Down With the Capitol has an entire section of pumpkin carving templates you can use to make your very own Hunger Games jack-o-lantern.

So to get in on the Halloween spirit, I have a wicked word find, created just for you by President Snow. But I did include the answer key in case you are really stumped on some of these words. So may the odds be ever in your favor! And Happy Halloween! :)

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NOTE: If you download or view the word find full-screen, the graphics will line up correctly. They are a little scrunched up in my blog column, but they do print correctly once downloaded.
Hunger Games Halloween Word Find
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