Pinterest = Highly Addictive & Visually Stimulating Way to Get Classroom Ideas!

Yes, I've become addicted to Pinterest.com. I love looking at all the pictures from others and reading all the funny quotes. It makes me feel closer to my fellow humans, like we really are all in this together.

This post is part of the linky party going on down at Michelle's Math in the Middle, which points you to a load of teachers who are also "pinning."

I created a Hunger Games Board for all things Hunger Games-related. I also have several other teaching-related boards, as well. You can find them all at www.pinterest.com/MrsOrman If you need an invite to this fabulous site, let me know!

Here are some of my favorite pics from various boards:


  1. Some of these pics really made me laugh!

    Great blog, new follower here :-)


  2. Thanks so much for following, TToria! I love humor, and some of these make me laugh out loud. :) I have a humor board on Pinterest. You'll have to check it out for some more laughs.


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